Surviving the first night solo possible?

3 attempts and no luck… Even had my two buddies help me the last time but we were again raided over night. They will probably quit due to the time and effort just to lose everything so easily unless i can give them some words of encouragement. Honestly have no idea what to say other than try again. Any tips on what to do or tactics I’m missing here as a freelancer besides allying with everyone?

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Well. first off its difficult as freelancer. The majority of the freelancer population are there because they didnt read the hws guide, the rest are there because they didnt read it well enough. That all changed with the update to 5.1 of course, but there are no established freelancer factions. I am assuming you mean surviving on the freelancer origin world?
Second, surviving as a base in pvp is a whole other level of difficult. If you are just starting out and not able to afford getting wiped, do not do it. You are better off taking some cv’s, making sure everything is set to faction, and parking in deep space (50+ km from planet). This is where the majority of the server stays to remain safe. The advantage here is not physical security, it is statistical security. The odds of someone stumbling onto your base are slim, as long as you are careful.
If you are on the NA server, hit me up on discord and I can see if I can help yall out if you want.

Yeah I am, you actually answered some of my questions yesterday funny enough but i’m only 2 days on the server so no one knows me or my crew yet. Thanks for the advice and regrettably I’ve parked the CV on planets each time due to fear of not logging back on the ship. I’ve used various planets on Homeworld Freelancer but will try deep space for the future. Maybe join a faction though really wanted to be a small freelancer Squad for hire.

For sure will hop on discord later today.

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OH! ok some more things. First off, homeworld does not belong to freelancers. It is the hotbed of all pvp action, and the home to most pirates. And the space is taxed. I can pretty much guarantee you that a ship parked there will NEVER survive the night unless you are part of one of the large pirate factions occupying the surfaces.
If you are looking to play the part of mercenary, that is the hunter’s role. I think there may have been something lost in translation with this word choice. Freelancer is basically civilian, lawless, unaligned. Not like a mercenary, hunter, bounty hunter type of person. Hunter is an established origin with, up until just recently, far better perks.
So just to recap. dont leave your ship on pirate owned planets, dont park in taxable space. Park wayy out in space on a random system other than homeworld or elemental bank.