Suspect Foul Play

Last night I deployed a Class 3 starbase and 12 CV full ammo, power the whole 9 yards in an attempt to live in pvp space and off the pve planet of ju… I came back 12 hours later and all that was left is 1/2 a CV, I looked in the intruder log expecting to see a epic battle of some sort displayed to find only one guy

21 06:21
Redacted :stuck_out_tongue:
Denfense 3

Thinking my designed sucked I wanted to talk to this guy… to my surprise the Faction HAR is not anywhere on NA list, Could this be hack of some sort or someone changing their Faction Tag to offline raid? anyway it has me puzzled and wouldn’t mind you taking a quick look to see if it was legit or not.


For reference to whomever responds, I am sure you see the trend as well as I do…

And then the happening last weekend on Trader NA, with the alien invasion.

Not butt hurt or anything if this guy is real and he took this out on his own I tip my hat to him lol but like I said seems suspect since I can not seem to find him or his faction now

Dont think this is legit at all, he seems to be able to summon hordes of cv’s at will, as well as finding ships in deep space.

OMFG I just looked up what that name is. This is definitely a troll, if not a hacker. Ill just post the dictionary entry for the word “irrumabo”, the future tense of irrumo.

Edit, posting link instead of definition. Its not polite, suffice it to say.

hahaha not sure I needed to know that! LOL :slight_smile:

Well yes, it is all connected to each other and this guy is perma banned forever

What exactly did you lose @Seveath ? ID / Name?

It was a massive loss, I did not write down their ID numbers, can I get them from HWS connect?

Class 3 Base: Warm Kitty Nation NA HQ

12 CV’s: Defense 1 through 12

and all the ammo that goes with…

390 Stacks CV Artillery
168 Stacks 30mm
168 Stacks CV Flak
168 CV Pulse Laser
222 Stacks CV H-MSL
222 Stacks CV Plasma Charge

and I used at least 4 of my do:bp but I don’t really care if I get those back or not

Admins can restore the ship itself from backup, if you can find the id’s. Either a unique name, or the ID from structure commander.

They are no longer listed in Structure commander blah LOL

Names of the CVs maybe?
Let’s see… I try my best.

one done

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Base name: Warm Kitty Nation NA HQ

CV names: Defense 1
Defense 2
Defense 3
Defense 4
Defense 5
Defense 6
Defense 7
Defense 8
Defense 9
Defense 10
Defense 11
Defense 12

Ok, all done!

Proudly sponsored by @Jascha s sick coding skills and #hackers get rekt :slight_smile:


Thank you for all you do kind sir!