SV and HV Disappeared

Hi Ive been on Penthouse East for a while now.
All set to Private as instructed.

Recently my SV and HV simply disappeared.

Nothing on the registry?

Please help.


We can help if you help us with more information.

As I mentioned.
I came online to check my stuff and noticed that my HV and SV have gone.
The SV is showing on structure commander but not on planet.
I have a penthouse on Penthouse East for the last 2 weeks.
Everything on planet penthouse is set to Private.

Its not the end of the world but letting you know there is a bug?


IF you would fill out the linked template we can help you.
Otherwise we can’t.

Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here

Structure Name(s): EscapePod-2
Structure ID(s): 16240881

The HV was completely removed so I don’t have the ID?


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