SV deleted last night by accident

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

structure id 703202 disappeared last night
NA server empyrion
~1-3am PST
Lawless HQ
Requesting it be replaced. I had cored it a few days ago to make it private again and forgot that private SVs weren’t allowed on HQ last night. I didn’t see a warning because I touched down and immediately went to sleep. Yes I forgot the rules. No it’s not end of world if it’s gone forever, but I did have some rockets and a few minor valuables on it and I am in the middle of building a large cv bp and can’t waste the time remaining cutdown so far accumulated on it to make a new sv. The current situation is that I have no way to attack active POIs because the ship was removed.

Ok, you get this one for free, next time its blocks x devices :slight_smile:

Have fun, ship back on Lawless HQ.

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