SV Disappeared - need help

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Cold Cure (SV) disappeared
Player(s) with issue: Aeonbug
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 22:50 (ish)
Playfield: Lantia
Structure Name(s): STL Cold Cure IIh
Structure ID(s): 31048589
How can we help you now: Please return it to a position on Kratos?

Update - we’re now moving off Lantia, so can you please return this SV to Kratos - anywhere on the planet surface will be fine. Thanks in advance.

Hey Thanks for the notice.
could you please send us your client logs. The SV was in extreme coordinates when you warped from Homeworld Space to Pegasus Galaxy or entering Lantia (most likely Lantia). Something went wrong and it would be good to find this bug. Where you flying the CV?

Anything else you did/notice about the sv or game during that time?

I added the SV close to your position.
-2900, 200, 400

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Hi @Jascha. Thanks for your reply. I have not looked for the SV yet. Is it on Kratos?

I have attached the Logs for yesterday and early this morning. The one that is most likely to contain the incident is Client_180217-155710-26.log (231.3 KB)

I hope this helps.

@Juggoire was driving and I was the passenger. We reached Lantia and landed. I went to the SV (Cold Cure), which was docked on the CV, got into it and the CV its docked vehicles and the Cold cure vanished. I relogged to set the game back to normal. Everything except the Cold Cure reappeared. The Structure Commander showed the Cold Cure 70+ AU from our position. We moved into orbit and the Cold Cure vanished from the Commander.

Aeon, it’s on Kratos - hovering over your Dragon’s Claw :smiley:

I’ve zipped up my whole 1461 log folder, as I’ve no clue which bit would help

let me know if you need something different.

Thanks for your help, Jascha!

And yes - extreme distance is the key point - I registry waypointed it, and even on the Lantia playfield it was 967 AU away!!!

Wow thanks. The logs seem to be very related/good.
@Juggoire can’t download your logs. It says your dropbox limit exceeded.

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