SV disappeared on CSW

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What happened: Did CSW from EU to SAN with 1 x CV and 2 x SV. All ships were set to faction [GMC]. The SV β€œD9” (EU ID = 5490615) did not appear in Sanctuary CSW. The other 2 ships did appear OK. I then did a CSW back to EU to see if the SV was still on EU, but it is gone from both servers :cry: them aliens have stolen my prize Garage ship
Player(s) with issue: Scorpenstein
Server: EU --> SAN CSW
Time (cb:time): 02:40 UK Time
Playfield: CSW
Structure Name(s): SV called β€œD9”
Structure ID(s): EU ID = 5490615
How can we help you now: Please restore the SV β€œD9” at EU CSW, it cost me 8 million from the garage and I haven’t even used it yet :open_mouth:

It’s the one on the right. As it is a modified Garage Ship (with an alien core?) , is it even possible to take this SV through CSW ?

Sorry for that. did you by chance dock it quite late or csw fast after warp?
Its back on EU CSW

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Thankyou very much. I will log in and get it now. Can we actually take Garage ships through CSW ?

I changed all 3 ships from Private to Faction just before doing the CSW. I had to redock the ships. Do you think that made the CSW break ?

Hope that helps, all info is useful to make it better.

Hey, yes that could be a reason. Garage ships should work as every other ship.
Changes before CSW are always not so good. It might need 4-5 minutes to be save.

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