SV Disappeared PeaceKeeper 4

Hi Guys, i was in PeaceKeeper 4, Close to Ornate, I had 1 CV and 1 Sv (docked on CV) there.
When i jumped on my SV it just disappeared… I love that ship…

I checked on HWS Connect, and it says deleted…

Ship name is Black Mass.

Black Mass 2374005 SV Peacekeeper 4 3671 4319 -4930 66 396 true

Can i have it back guys?

Hey we will look into it.
What is your ingame name? Please change your forum name according to it.
Can you give us a time frame when it happend. And did ouy had an Error?
Would be nice if we can pinpoint hte situation for the devs.
Please also send your logs to the devs. see cb:logs. Tell them that it was about this case.

Thanks a lot

Did you enter that ship while beeing very close to the planet? Like in the Atmosphere in Orbit?

OK. Look at Peackeeper 1 5000,5000,5000. You can pick it up there.
Normally we would not give the ship back, but i hoped to get some details for the devs. But since it seems to be because it was between the Playfields its a known bug

Hi Jascha, you guys are the best, if i was in another server where they can not recover ships or anything like that, I`m sure i would not play this game. Wonder… My only SV is lost and i dont have Resources to build another, what would i do?cb:reset? LoL, never.
I was a bit close to Ornate in PK4 with my SV docked on a CV, i jumped in and my SV disappeared. No errors.

I will change my nick right now, MassOver is the in-game one.

You guys are the best, i will donate soon.

Thanks a lot

Jascha, I can not finf the option to change my nick, is there a way to change it to MassOver without create another account?

Your welcome and thanks for the infos.
I could change it, have to ask @RexXxuS if thats ok, since i dont know what effect it will have if i change the user name.

@fmecking changing here in forum or ingame?
In Forum just go to your profile preferences (top right) and edit your username there.
Changing the username will remove @mention calls. But not a big deal.

If you find yourself without any chance to recover from a big loss, and don’t want to Reset, ask for help in game…usually there is always someone willing to help people in distress.

I don’t play a lot, but when online, i’m always ready to help ppl, specially in PK4 where you can find the EMERGENCY STATION (PK4 Orbit), a free food/o2 station for ppl in emergency (if not pirated from someone willing to steal useless food).

Hey ReXxuS Thanks for answer, but there is no option on profile preferences, I can change my Name but not my username. is there another way? Or maybe just delete my account so i can create another one with the same email.


Done ;). I changed your Username