SV dissapeared on leaving planet atmo

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**What happened:**Leaving Alliance - Cryo planet, in CV with Docked SV. On exit to space the SV disappeared. It is no longer in the registry! Ship ID 50221

Player(s) with issue: sacredglade

=> EU server

**Time (cb:time):**20:54

Playfield: Alliance Cryo and Alliance Cryo system

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s): 50221

How can we help you now: It is only a starter SV, so don’t waste time with a restore. Just reporting for bug logging reasons.

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Thanks for reporting.
The 50221 id is not even listed in our system.
Maybe you spawned it fast and fly instant out? Too quick to register for our tool at least.
Or a weird bug happened.

Its strange. The SV had been on the server for several days. When it disappeared from the server it was still viewable on the structure commander, I guess until the connect app updated. Very weird bug!

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