SV Gone and no clues!

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What happened: Been away for 4 days and now my SV is gone. Was parked on the roof of my base when I last logged off. As you can see from the uploaded image, last time I used it was on the 1st at 17:37 to visit the bank on ECC. Now there’s no trace of it. What the f**k is going on - this may just convince me that there’s no point in playing on HWS as it’s too much hassle for a casual player like me.

Player(s) with issue: Dan
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): during last 4 days
Playfield: Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Brawler (I think, not sure I remember)
Structure ID(s): no idea - gone from structure commander
How can we help you now: Get it back or at least explain why it is missing.

It got shot up on the 3rd and cored by Drones, sorry. Once its cored the remains will automatically get deleted.

You can play casually on HWS but you need to be prepared - Ammo/fuel/maybe some faction mates etc.

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And where did this happen? I left the SV parked on the roof of my base. Right next to a Cannon turret. Base and turret are undamaged. There’s 65% in the fuel tanks and 2398 rounds of 30mm ammo for the cannon turret.
So, the question remains, how the hell did some drones get past the cannon to kill my SV?


Ninja Drones…


We need a screen cap of a drone and the “like a boss” glasses on it. At work ATM so not an option for me…


Just in case them pesky Ninja Drones come back, I’ve beefed up my defences somewhat…

Get orf moi laaand!!

Thats the spirit! :smiley:

Where? It happened exactly where your SV was parked … if only those aliens fitted the drones with CCTV (AND like a boss glasses … )

There we go.

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@DeeExpus, you’re missing my point dude - I had a fuelled base, a cannon turret with ammo and my SV was parked right under the turret. How was it that the turret didn’t kill the drones? How did they have enough time to kill my SV while under fire from my turret? If my turret wasn’t firing, why not?

I did exactly as you suggested above 9 hours ago and had a fuelled and armed base looking out for my gear but the ruddy game destroyed it anyway.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

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