SV is killing me, and now it's gone


I was in Elemental Marketplace and tried to enter my SV who was docked on my CV. Got insta killed. Tried it again, died again.

So I take my CV with the SV on it, back to Ornate, land it and try to enter the SV again, but it vanishes.

I try to log off and on again, but the SV is still gone.

Can someone pls have a look where it might be?


  • Server: EU
  • Time it happend: around 22h54 (when it dissapeared)
  • Name of the ship(s)/Base: Praetor
  • From where to where you warped: Was landed on Ornate
  • What exactly happend. What did you do before? See above

Thanks a lot for all the details!
Did you try to enter the SV while it was very close to the Planet but still in Orbit? Like in the Atmosphere? Maybe 100 meter before entering the Orbit.
Did the SV vanish after changing the playfield, or did it vanish after you tried to enter it again on Ornate?
Where you alone or was someone else close by?

Can you please send your logs to the devs and tell them that it was on HWS (Give them the same infos as above that you gave us, so they can connect it to us). See cb:logs. Thanks a lot.

According to the logs its delete, but I put it back to Peacekeeper 4 at coordinates 6000,6000,6000. You can pick it up there.

But please still give us more infos, so that we can help the devs to find the problem. Thanks