SV rocket -splash damage or inconvenient coincidences?


Been having skirmishes with iMF for the past couple days, and they are admittedly good PvP pilots, however lately the splash damage has been ridiculous. Multiple times I have been either killed with cockpit intact or such as tonight my cockpit at 100% health was blown out in a single shot through a layer of white space, a layer of xeno steel and a layer of hardened combat steel in my raider. Only the cockpit, the layers were all still there except for a few missing hardened blocks. I was able to quickly recover as I always keep spare cockpits and no other damage was done to the raider.

Is the splash damage radius a little too much? There should have been a hole or major damage around the cockpit blocks, but were sitting at 1498/1500 and that was due to the cockpit exploding. Health was still at 1k. Something going on that we don’t know about?


I have noticed an insane amount of lag shots since the changes to the cockpits hp.
Keep getting lag shot left & right with proper lag shot protection.

Could be the splash that is the issue due to increased slash radius (hits lag shot protection, splash goes through the blocks)

Quite infuriating.


have you tried putting amor glass around the cockpit normally helps with splash damage


Several of us are seeing odd results suggestive of lag shots. Shots passing through docked sv and destroying cv blocks underneath. Hard blocks taken out inside a solid section of sv hard blocks - outside intact.

Mini guns still lag through. Mini drone overhead, hv underground — hv takes hits.


have you tried putting amor glass around the cockpit normally helps with splash damage


The interior layout for the raider is massively flawed. If you haven’t already, put a proper cockpit in it and make sure your white space isn’t near the core/cockpit area.

As for lag shot, the only times I was shot down last season was due to lag shots on gg. It’s probably just the play field.