SV seized in playfield it wasn't too high a class in

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What happened: Had my SV claimed by HWS in space, where it wasn’t too high a class and needed to buy it back via command
Player(s) with issue: Aerdred
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 4:08
Playfield: Blackhole
Structure Name(s): AER Probe
Structure ID(s): 14271494
How can we help you now: Not certain on the policy here (and I thought I’d taken a screenshot to evidence the playfield it happened in, but hadn’t), but if the logs show I had to buy it back in Blackhole and that it having been seized in a playfield where it wasn’t too high class is justification, I’d appreciate reimbursement for the “491656 credits and 2 RP” I had to spend to get it back

To clarify: it occurred after I got myself out of the playfield to avoid the seizure and then exited the cockpit to make repairs. It was then seized and I was a little stuck ^.^

did you check the restrictins on the map for where you are? if you were withing thoses restrictions then im sure admins will be able to help you out just be patient as they are rather bissy thesdays

Please make sure of the screenshot next time if you think it was not right. And a valid screenshot with the server time showing).
You are in PVP and if your structure gets damaged it might get a higher class. So it could also be totally right.
We will log that next time.

I gave it back to you this time.

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