SV size restriction?

What is the size restriction for an SV???

As you can see in rule 6: there is only a restriction for CV + BA. No limit for HV or SV.

Wrong forum :smiley: - time for a move methinks

Then why do I have an SV that the server wont let me spawn?

Holy moly you have more than 500 devices on your SV?
Well the Class 3 restriction is a global setting.
See official here:

Available Size Classes:
Class 1 = less than 50 devices
Class 2 = between 50 and 250 devices
Class 3 = between 250 and 500 devices
Class 4 = between 500 and 1000 devices
Class 5 = between 1000 and 1500 devices
Class 6 = more than 1500 devices (default)

Size class 4
device count:538
block count: 4625

I have CV’s way smaller than that.

Time to put some more restrictions in place. SV’s are getting ridiculous.

I guess that rules out the millennium falcon from the workshop… :frowning: