Sv still marked HWS after correction earlier

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

See previous ticket, for some reason, when I logged in tonight my SV still shows HWS locked. We both know I changed it to private so I am confused why it is locked again. Something is wrong in the matrix lol.

Thanks man.

What happened: My private ships are marked HWS now on penthouse west. I am a donor and this should not happen.
Player(s) with issue: RoP
Server: N/A
Time (cb:time): 2pm mtn time
Playfield: Penthouse West
Structure Name(s): Cerebus & Fighter
Structure ID(s): Can’t give those now that it is HWS faction
How can we help you now: Please return the ships to private at my penthouse on penthouse west.

Hey @RoP :wink:

Damn, sorry for the inconveniences! I really don’t know why. Limit wise everything is alright. I changed it back to private again.

Maybe because it was docked on a base? I flew it in your CV. I don’t know. Let me know if it stay private this time.

Seems to be okay now. Now worries and thank you!!

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