SV stuck in green barrier on planet NA

Hey guys, last night my SV got stuck in the “green barrier” on NA (Andromeda) and was just stuck floating there. Had to exit the ship and fall to planet. Obviously this ruined my dogfighting as my ship was now stuck in the air. :slight_smile: I’m less worried about the SV (it was my cheapest, lightest armored SV meant to throw away) but more concerned that ships get stuck in that green barrier. More so you know about this issue so if you want to pass on to the devs.


Thanks a lot. Yeah we are noticing these things and I went through both server today again to get all out as much as possible.

Any clue on how that happend?

It was during some dog fighting in SV’s. OP4 kept flying back and forth through the green barrier over and over again, to run from me (#douchebagmove) and of course I would give chase. It was during one of these times he was running away that my SV crossed the green barrier and became stuck. I exited the ship, and floated down to the surface and was able to see the ship floating in the sky with the green barrier going through my ship. Similar to the red dome of death for ship I suppose?

The good news? OP4 was finally able to hit me with my ship stuck. :smiley: #pokepoke

P.S. - Running away from someone by going in and out of orbit or using the Green Barrier to hide behind (over and over again) is not only a douchebag move but it’s borderline an exploit. At the very least, it says a lot about the lack of skills someone has if they have to use these tactics to stay alive. If people want to use these weak tactics fine, but if they do this again while I’m chasing them, I won’t play hide and seek with these types of people. Crossing over during a fight or using it to get away is one thing, crossing over and over and over and over again is sad.

They do that to exploit the playfield bug. It’s not a tactic per se, just a blatant use of a bug to get an advantage.