SV was deleted, reason unknown

I am on the HWS NA Server by the name of Cardinal, I logged in at roughly 3:45 AM US Eastern Standard Time and found that my Small Vessel designed to hold cargo was deleted. This Small Vessel has been in use for more than two days. My items were on that Small Vessel, I went on HWS directly after and checked the intruder log. I was told by HWS that no one was near at anytime. The structure manger list states my Small Vessel was deleted, I do not know why. Can the ship be retrieved? It would really kill my motivation trying to get all those items back.

To clarify, I had my items on the Small vessel because the Capital Vessel is just below Class 4 and cargo boxes would toss it up to Class 5. That is when I made the Small Vessel to store items.

The Small Vessel was docked on the Capital Vessel named “Freelancer Space Station”.

The links will show you the Intruder Log and the small vessel information in the Structure Commander.

Small Vessel In Structure Commander:

Intruder Log:

It got wiped. Did you touch the structure lately?

I can see one problem that could cause this bud (small vessel) it’s unmanned which is against the server rules, so there’s every change that’s why it was deleted

It disappeared yesterday, the day before that was when it was used, I have been constantly using it since the moment I made it. If it was against the server rules to have another unmanned SV docked on the ship by my name, then I’ll accept the consequences without argument. But if it is not against the rules, then I ask if this is a commonplace issue.

When you say small, how small?

< 10 blocks will wipe in 7 hours if untouched. Also un-cored structures.

We did not do it, the system did it. Therefore we would need more info. But I dont sse much movement of the sv.

It had more than 40 devices on it I believe, it was not blueprinted so I cannot tell exact numbers. It was more than 40 blocks as well because the devices were surrounded by the blocks.

Actually I just thought about something. I may have left the SV on public. Do public structures get deleted?

Cardinal unless you got into the seat and moved it, or jumped ON TOP of the ship, it thinks it isnt used, even if you access the boxes daily. That is how we lose 24 boxes of HV Ammo.

Well damn. Well I’ll just get the stuff back over time then.

ALso note – i do not believe that DEVICES count as BLOCKS. I have seen bases that are all devices disappear in 7 hours.

Negative. Atleast for cv’s I know this is not the case. My warp sled is absolutely zero blocks, all devices. They do not time out in 7 hours.

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