SVDM didn't return backpack items/couldn't grab bomb drone

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What happened:
=> SVDM event didn’t return backpack contents after match. Crate sensor didn’t trigger the crate to open. No winner possible.
Also, PrecursorDesign’s daily loot was claimed in match and not returned.
Player(s) with issue:
=> HoboTruth, PrecursorDesign


Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> whatever is possible. I dont remember backpack contents.

I don’t know why it happened but normally you get the inventory back.
@Hayawen can maybe find out more.
Your inventory is currently full.
Let me know when it’s empty and I’ll restore your old one.

This sounds to me you didn’t read the LCD sign. It needs 5 minutes to unlock the crate. Tested recently and worked fine.

A technical limitation everyone will learn and only do once I guess.
Never ever claim Daily Loot during an event.
I restored it for now.

I tried to trigger it multiple times throughout the match. Pretty much spent the whole match next to the crate. Kept getting server messages to trigger it even though i was right on top of it. Maybe just that match was buggy. Ill empty my backpack and let you know after reset

On foot or sitting in your cockpit?

on foot

Hmm and the 5 lights on the POI? They stayed red all the time?

Will double check again asap then.

i didn’t pay attention to the lights. but i was running and jumping on and around the sensor and all over the poi throughout the match.

Just tested again and it works.

Make sure to stay in the bounding box of the Motion Sensor

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