Switch all to PVP for last two days

Since the wipe is so close, can we turn everything on to PVP (maybe except market) to have some fun in the last couple of days? Most people who care about remaining structures have already packed them, so I don’t imagine anyone would care

would be cool and some good practice for noobies like me


Would be fun.

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We did this once and some hours before the big release those “mostly packed up” people logged in to ocd:put the last time and found all their stuff raided and destroyed >>> they were not amused


I mainly just feel bad for all those Auto miners that will go to waste :frowning: There’s tons of them on PVE planets that I wish I can just blow

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their spririts will live on in your OAMs :wink:

Hi Hops. what precisely do you mean by that?

That any owned AMs still out when the wipe happens will be (or their cores) moved to the OCD?

No. It basically just means “womp womp”

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