Swithing From Trader To Pirate

Currently considering switching from Trader to Pirate.

Mostly for 2 issues.
1/2 of the traders are not traders.
Trader planet is full.

My Understanding of what it would means from my perspective.

  1. Still allowed to be on a PVE world but would not get my 7RP / day :frowning:
  2. OCD cooldown. Can I still use my OCD a few time a day when I am on a PVE world like Pirate Home World ?
  3. I can now actively engage anybody else. Pirate included ?

Will I loose all of my RP when I switch ?

Thanks for all your help / comments.

right, as Pirate 12 RP per day if conditions met

On PvE for everyone the same / no limit



Come to pirate world. We are all very friendly.

Please let us know when you are coming so we can have a capital ship parade for you.

You guys are so sweet. I feel so welcome.

At least from Pirates you know what kind of reception to expect.

Plenty of booze, parties, murder.

You bring the booze…we’ll bring the murder…

Be kind. Let me finish my wine before you kill me. :wine_glass:

You’re an odd one - people usually whine after I kill them not before…OH that wine!

lol Mordgier you so funny at times

Funny looking :stuck_out_tongue: