SWP asking for help!

You know us as the most vile pirates on the server.
Also, few people know us as people who are trying to make this great game a bit better.

We ask the community to support our two proposals described in the video, which will help us experience more enjoyable moments in the game, and less engaged in routine.

  1. Deconstructor device.

With it, you can disassemble (deconstruct) any ship or base on the INITIAL RESOURSES, the principle of operation is similar to the mining device. Installation device above of the ship (base), he begins to take apart and put the ingredients in the cargo box.

  1. The possibility of filling all the fuel tanks of the same group.

Watch the video, everything is clear and clearly described.

We really want to see these innovations in the 5.0 and we ask to help us your opinion about this idea.

We believe that this is the most important innovations at the moment in the realities of our server.

Yes, we know that our excellent admins can not solve it for the developers, maybe it will possible to make someone of us ordinary players.


Those two points…

All i will say is


you should be happy :wink:

Sending this video to one of the Devs also, maybe it helps them with there idea :slight_smile:

Of course, we have already done. Just once I want to emphasize how important it is

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Oh god I want this soo bad

This really is a tool for pirates. I for one rather enjoy taking apart my ships.

Must have! We regularly take giant prize ships and it can take hours and hours to take a part.

As a builder spending a lot of time in creative, coming up with new ships/designs/improvements i could totally have use of a “de-constructor” to get rid of old ships.

Don’t quite fancy an “instant” way to fuel up a ship with many of tanks. It should take time to fuel up a big ship and the way it is today, being able to do it from the P-menu is lazy enough. Maybe a fuel station, like the current repair station, where you put the fuel cells, filling the ship with fuel when docked/parked near it.

Yes, but filling station looks a little difficult