SWP awesome offline skill + overlimit CV

This little story begun yesterday evening, SWP came on ETN to attack our base, and we (Universe and me) were happy they came at first.

after a long laggy fight defending our base we won, they were still spawning too much nearby but after a moment they left, a beautiful graveyard so buggy due to CV+HV+SV but they were still respecting the device limit.

A new bug appeared are all their wrecks were no core, and still in faction, Rex came and took a look at this, even restarting the playfield didn’t fix the pb :confused: but it was ok…

after one or 2 hours, i felt ETN laggy again, Universe had left to get some sleep, and was trying to fix the damage.
I took a SV to take a look around and SWP were back, with a huge CV again…but ok let’s try to do something (1v3), i died one time, took another SV and died a second time then i saw the message :

and at this moment, i was not in a fight anymore, it was already late 1h30am, i can’t stand ppl not respecting the rule, so i say have fun SWP and log out even if i knew the kind of ppl they are and i was 100% sure my base will be wiped by the morning.

Morning arrived, i took a look at HWS connect and laughed a bit :slight_smile:

What a “quick” offline raid, with a CV more than 500 devices…

But it’s ok SLH will be back in no time and we will have our revenge :smiley:

Yeah too bad they always have to make everything laggy. But when i see the first fight won yesterday, and the time they spent to take the base without us defending + a laggy CV out of the rules. I feel like it’s a win for us, not for them.

We’ll be back for sure ! :slight_smile:

SWP becoming more chicken like over time i see.

Just quick note, this structures without core still belongs to SWP is not new, saw it month ago. Not sure if bug or intention though. To me it seems like its not the same old good SWP, maybe its the fresh blood. Anyway i never saw other structure than SWP without core but still in faction so for me its suspicious. For sure it would be good way how to preserve resources and how to make structure unable to be cored so turrets will still consider it a target with no way how defender can switch wreckage to your side as its usuall when someone drops “bombs” on you.

Elfias you have an public cv in peacekeeper 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes thats possible i was changing doors covering core and removed original core accidentaly so i put in new one. Im not going to play much anyway, too much frustration. I was just filling some search field and i catch myself being afraid that ill have to fill it again because it will autoclose. I think that Empyrion can cause health problems, playing it feels a bit like being tortured or something.
You know honestly i dont see a reason why core isnt set to private ownership to someone who is placing it. And i can continue for hours with this i dont see a reason…I would go there and change it but…somehow…i would reather do anything else than that.

I changed it ! :slight_smile:

It is difficult to answer as many charges immediately but I will try.
1 About the ship in excess of the number of devices:
The ship contained the normal number of devices , but for some reason for them summed docked Small Vessel.
Where the warning appears and where there is no
2. About tonns of screen. Yes, we are drop CAP ship on the base. No, its not alot devises, just 6 drives, warp and cockpit. We are assemble old wreck we kill before to that mission )
And we are death in that cap, in many one cent sv, in one - two big sv, when we dig a tonnel.
And, actually, we are died 5-6 times in tonnel, because YOU HAVE 2 TURRETS DAMAGE THROUGH TEXTURE. Need screen of that?
3. About our reasons. We are pirats. Our reasons is loot.

UPDATE: And, after today battle on GF with FOUR HUGE LAGGED CAP who crashed nodes - nobody can tell us about our ship.

You deserved the 4 lagged cap because it has always been your way of playing during battle. And whatever excuses, you do that every time with way too many devices. Last time we fight it was the same shit with your cube…

Re-read my post and I think that the tone is very sharp.
In fact, despite the lag I really enjoy PvP in the capital

And about your alliance - well, if you so decide to punish us, then we look forward to again. Although I do not think that after today’s defeat you will coming again.

Yeah Raiden bring some screens, i built our base so i know every area around turrets were perfectly cleared, if you still took damage, too bad for you but in the first place you’re not supposed to dig a tunnel long between 1-2km like you did, so i don’t care :smiley:

Like Universe said you deserved what happened on GF, i can’t count all the times everyone told SWP to stop lagging with CV during the last months, maybe now you understand ^^

I hate to defend SWP but a long tunnel is not against the rules and in fact that is what I used against them on Gold fed. However they are cry babies when it comes to someone attacking their base.


Wrong post :rage:

Pls read again what i wrote, i didn’t say it was against the rule…i said they are not supposed to due to the fact devs added the anti grief option to prevent building nearby and mole rats.

I don’t care if ppl want to still dig with plasma, but don’t complain if you find turrets shooting at you at the end of the tunnel :smiley: because i anticipated the fact that some ppl will still try to come by digging ^^

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Lol its really not that bad in jail :slight_smile: