SWP Cheating - Again (accusation without proof)

Cheat report - SWP CV flying faster than CV speed limit

1000 hrs and this is game breaking for me. me and a friend had 72 turrets left SWP Remmak has 0 turrets left - hes 200m away from us - we are at max speed then he disappears off into the distance. Ridiculous.
cant play like this.

dont believe hes “cheating” try strafing to the side as you move forward to get extra speed. Since 6.5 update it seems cv can reach higher speeds strafing than forward

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We are aware of that little boost you can get upto 115 - he was going a much greater speed than this.

it is possible to still go even faster but it would take a insane amount of thrusters. A member of my faction managed to make an sv do about 160 with nothing more than excessive amounts of thrust back in 5.0. If you suspect theyre cheating though i would try to get video for admins

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Teach physics at school, and not play the games xD

Btw, 115 not the limit for such type of “fly”. I saw even 117. And If I would have time, I try make even faster ship. All possible.

Many of ppl use it. ACM have special CV for it. But now devs make one good thing - backward biuld ship can fly only 7m\s in other directions.

P.S. I’m tired of your crying. If you don’t know even the basics of the game mechanics is sad. I for example don’t build such ships because they have in addition to the pros many cons. But please do not wake the beast in me. Otherwise it will be so much crying that you are tired of typing on forum. TCH and others has already experienced a little bit of my anger.

No playfield provided.
No time provided.
No server provided.
No video provided.

With 1000 playhours we expected more.


Guys you still not tired? You create a similar theme every week and accuse us of cheating, I’m just tired of reading such things, Let us seriously if you accuse us then create a theme immediately with the evidence and not empty words.
Don’t Wake us bad guys, or then the whole server will cry ))) joke :smiley:
P. S. every joke has some truth)))):wink:

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I suspected there would be no point in my report - as reports against SWP in the past by others do not seem to be addressed. I was just highlighting the issue in hope more than expectation.

I will not post further for fear this thread will descend to SWP levels of maturity - I will simply end by saying you cannot fight a ship that can just fly (not warp) away at any point during battle.

Best wishes to all.

If you reference to the past you would see two main cases:

  1. they got punished because we Finally got some evidences
  2. they got closed because they were the general “russians must cheat” without any proofs

That is all I can say.

If people think we would favorite some people more than others it is blatant lies / salt / whatever.
If people think we would ban or investigate just because some people are salty than they don’t understand how neutralism and good administration works.

But it is your decision if we take it serious or not. If you think it is, create a new topic with actual anything valuable.