Tackling please clairfyi

from the rules.Tackling

Do not tackle with your ships (parking your SV to an enemy CV). This notion of ‘tackling’ is considered an exploit and is an ILLEGAL tactic when used intentionally to disable or hinder movement of a vessel.
note: When reporting violations, please include video or screenshot evidence.

Is there ANY time that it’s acceptable for a sv to enter a CV thereby tackling it?

Question … please clarify? :slight_smile:

Yes its alright if its your allies and your boarding for friendly reasons (but not while your allies are in combat as it will screw over your allies), It is also alright if your have already decored the enemy ship and your landing to place your own core, the whole reason for this rule is to stop people from purposely immobilizing enemy ships during combat, for interest sake if you decore them, then land to place a core and they beat you to it and they place another core you have to undock your sv again and try kill the core before redocking.