Tax but been only no tax places

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What happened: I have big over 2M tax but been only no tax places ??
**Player(s) with issue:**Niewitch
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 23:00 saw it in connect
Structure Name(s): Muro dreadnought edit 3 and 2 docked ship got taxed, those been mostly in peacekeeper east and eden
Structure ID(s): 3215636, 4583938, 4584130
How can we help you now: Well i should not have taxes

Where do you have 2 mil tax?

Please post those tax logs as prove and maybe check them again, because they tell you what and why it get taxed.
Also the ship ID’s don’t really make sense. Please provide proper information.

well there where in connect tax list taxed those 3 ships, but now its dissapeared, could not take screenshot as refreshed page and it was gone. wierd.

The tax list shows what you would have to pay at the 9am restart, not what you currently owe.

yes. yes. i know but should not have reported anything at all in tax list, as those ship was in peacekeeper east, and it aint taxed, those where parked whole weekend there , starting from friday, now elsewhere as moved them, when needed those elsewhere, when refreshed page it aint anymore even show that in tax list. ID:s is correct ships and reported those id:s and names in tax list, hopefully it was some wierd clitch, as it is seems money not be taken either any days in weekend

Well that explains it. Please be more clear where you saw the tax next time, because that makes a big difference. Thats also why I thought your got the wrong ID’s because the ships did not move until yesterday evening, so no possible tax.
Those ships where at ECC during 23:00 so all right.


I thought 3 keywords made it already crystal clear what that feature stands for…

If you know a better short english sentence to indicate the “current” state of your taxes let me know.


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