Taxed for ships that disappeared

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What happened:
=> while I was on ecc yesterday on the EU side, I had spawned a few ships, however when I spawned one, I flew my SV up and landed on it, moments later the large ship disappeared without warning of any sort. So I fell to the ground but my SV didn’t come with me, I looked up, checked on the map but couldn’t find it at all. So I just assumed it disappeared with the large ship. Afterwards I decided just to spawn my last ship that I had ready, which was a class 1 cv, and after I spawned it, perhaps minutes later it disappeared. So again I figured it was just HWS getting rid of ships that werent allowed on ecc. I went ahead and built another SV and it was fine this time so then I took off and went back to NA. Anyways I signed on today and Im being charged tax for my SV and the second CV

|19-12-16 09:10|Tax|paid 257.230.601 credits tax for ABN Z-101 SHIP KILLER (33725555)|

|19-12-16 09:10|Tax|paid 211.176.001 credits tax for ABN - X-101 - RAVAGER (33722443)|

Player(s) with issue:
=> Igo Solo

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> around 19-12-15 23:37pm

=> EGS

Structure Name(s):
=> ABN Z-101 SHIP KILLER and ABN - X-101 - RAVAGER

Structure ID(s):
=> 33725555 and 33722443

How can we help you now:
=> Im wondering if the taxed amount could be returned please, this was either a glitch or something else that I could not foresee. I did mention that a ship disappeared in chat at around 23:29pm, it was the Grand Tie, the first ship I spawned which I assumed took my ABN - X-101 - RAVAGER with it.



I refunded the tax.
The Ships probably exceeded the Planet limits so they got moved to space. At least thats what I assume now even though I don’t see any logs for it. Just see the ships suddenly in ECC System.

You can pick them up there.

Thanks alot Jasha, your the best

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