Taxed on today's morning

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What happened: Got taxed 1 081 728
Player(s) with issue: Galiam
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Morning
Playfield: Sanctuary
Structure Name(s): - REAPER’S FOLLY, hello, Raider , Cheap CV Miner, PAD, resort
Structure ID(s): 7594931, 6775872, 2576410, 1905299, 830698, 404123
How can we help you now: Tax refund, please

I can’t create a new post, so replying to this one. and I couldn’t get a reset pwd on my old account so I had to create a new account

What happened: Tax on Eden
Player(s) with issue: Sokolov
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 6/22
Playfield: Eden
Structure Name(s): Sparky,Cactus,Iris
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: Refund tax

Also I check the tax list on hws connect daily and it lists no taxes, even today. I checked it yesterday and it said 0, yet tax happened.

Hello @Galiam


That makes no sense in terms of the Forum software. Reply = Create. But I guess you missed this link here:

Anyways I refunded your tax as well now.

It does not show you tax now because the Core count of Eden dropped below 200. As long as this is the case there are no Taxes.

Thank you Rexx for your prompt response and good luck on the rest of the tickets.

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