Taxes in 6.0

Did taxes change with 6.0?
I have left the Elemental Capital City playfield around an hour ago and it still shows I am going to be charged taxes.

Player stats and structure commander have updated my new position a while ago but still have the taxes for vessels that are no longer there.

Thanks for any help.

Also, any news on when we can expect the new Guide? It’s holding me back from really getting started. It’s impossible to know if we want to stay with our current origin without all the info. With such short seasons we don’t really have time to waste.

it just sometimes takes a few more minutes to update don’t worry, i’ve seen it happen to me too but then it foes away.

We are a little overworked at the moment, with the patch being so big lots of small things aren’t working 100% as intended so we are working through these.

The seasons are short but things won’t change massively in the next season. Such as the universe layout etc.

This is the first season and a lot has gone into it so we will steadily get everything fixed and updated and the beat way to look at it is that season 2 will be a very much polished version of how things currently are just changes made through feedback.

We will get onto everything and explaining all just a little delayed at the moment.

Ref taxes. It just takes little longer to update with high server numbers :slight_smile:

Thanks for playing