Taxes Influenced by RP

So have their been any major change in taxes? in elemental market place i payed 122000 tax per day, and now it has changed to 366000 per day in there, and this change has been done in just a few days?

why in the hell are you paying that much in taxes? lol
Are the numbers the same? (RP, number of faction mates, number of ships)

its only one ship haha :slight_smile: i payed 122k for it before and now 366k :open_mouth:

hasent changed in blocks or anything

what about RP. did you die some? and are you in a faction by yourself

i am in faction by myself and my rp is like 3, allways has been

like 3? or exactly three. Because if you went from 3 rp to 1 rp, that would triple your tax…
Also Can I go out on a limb and guess that you were alliance in 4.0?

whaaat? that is just sick…

so if i have 80 rp i would live for free in pve?

so much anti pvp here… people dieing in wars gets penalty to be in pve while the carebears gets extra boosted for not dieing.

No. You could have one ship up to 80 devices in pve and pay 1k per day

“carebears” have to warp through pvp to get that rp. The last time someone got bonused for just not dying was alliance in 4.0, which is why I asked. Because the only reason someone would hang out and lose 150 k a night would be if they had been given millions of credits each day to hang out in a medbay prior to 5.0. PLUS, I have no interest in RP, only want it for the supply once a week, and I pvp on large scale regularly. Yet I still have RP. Maybe it just penalizes people who die more than once per hour…

FYI I edited your title a bit for clarity

how dare ya Mc to change the name! :wink:

The title should be better called

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