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I bugged in TEAM. I can’t pass anything, he says that he is not registered, but on the info counter he says is registered

Player(s) with issue? Alliance (Entity Id: 7826922 )

Server? EU

When did it happen? From 17.10.2020 until now


TEAM Tower

Fix it

Welcome to HWS @Alliance

It is crucial to know what and how it happened?
Did you have a crash to Desktop? Did you access it before/after a server restart? Did you had a disconnect from the server?

No. Nothing like that. It happened just like that. I passed Trade and went to the next guy, and everything happened. And then Trade didn’t recognize me.

So when should we expect a fix it? Still not working!

11pm or 9am. busy day

So when should we expect a fix it? Still not working!


Thanks, but exploration promotion points reset to 0. And it was 110 or 115.

ok… have to set it back on next restart then…

Thank you, everything else seems to be fine. I ran around and checked.

@Alliance Can you please go in your folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs\3132

and zip me your logs there?
Dev asked me about logs from that situation. To find out why it happened.

Sent it to you in discord

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