Temporary solution to making PvP planet living accessible to everyone

Hi guys, the biggest problem with living on PvP is that CV’s can pretty much out range your turrets on the planet the only way to beat this is to dig your Hv’s into the ground so that they can only be attack from certain angles and even then the enemy CV could just move slightly forward until they get shot move back and shoot from the missiles origin.

A temporary solution until Devs decide to balance CV weapon range on planets is to not allow CV’s to enter PvP planets :stuck_out_tongue: people have to park their Cv’s in space and enter on SV.

1: New Players that just make their CV wont enter the PvP planet and then immediately get shot down by a base, loosing everything they worked for over the last week, instead if they get shot down in their SV they can spawn back home onto their CV in orbit.

2: New Players that setup a base on a PvP planet could survive a lot easier as BA is a lot stronger vs SV’s and HV’s but it is still posible to raid those bases with good planning and enough people.

3: More people living on PvP planets and more content being generated.

4: Less people loosing everything and spamming forums for PvE to live on so that they can get resources.\

5: Ba Limit for faction can be lowered to less than 7 as 7 would be overkill, creating less laggy planets, and making HV limit could be added aswell. Then defence would be more strategic than just spamming as much as possible.


1: New People won’t understand why their cv cant enter the pvp planets and will ask more questions in global chat.

2: Bases might be too difficult to raid, which means every faction in game might safely end up living on PvP planets.

3: Less CV Combat, people will only be able to have CV vs CV in orbit.

4: People will transition their CV’s from Battleships into carriers with more slots for sv’s, so people will have to work on their design’s.

I know this is a really crazy idea, but all criticism is gladly welcomed.

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Why in the… what the… I dont even. There is just too much. but here goes:

No they cannot. Base turrets have longer range. CV’s just have more armor, and turrets only fire at core

WHAT? do you have any idea how silly this sounds? and how few people would come back into space to find their cv still there? CV’s are already underpowered on planet. Only reason they can take out a base is pulse lasers, and heavy armor. All the good turrets are disabled, to make way for more effective sv/HV defense against cv.

Maybe, part of that week of work should have been to recon the situation, and ally with some people before charging all willy nilly into a pvp planet and relying on your good looks and your trader status to save you. And you can still take an sv to do this.

You understand that “content generation” is the reason these planets are either pvp, or taxed, right? The server load on rendering thousands of tiny sv/hv creations all over a single playfield is ridiculous, and what do you really gain? Either taxes keep count down, or impact / war keeps it down.

There is a pve server. Also pve that you can live on in THIS server. Its called the starter world. It is unpleasant for a reason, because you are meant to leave it. But they do not currently force you to do so permanently.

Why would preventing cv on planet mean you can also prevent people from putting bases on planets?

No, you would just wind up with a planet that is miserable to live on. Not safe for anyone, because it turns out, people like to LEAVE their base to go do stuff. You cannot do that with “safe” bases all over the place.

Who wants to fight cv vs cv in atmo? Seriously. Who.

Finally, something completely overlooked in your idea. Hover vessels. How would you propose people move them, if they cannot make it to space, cannot fly reliably in space to get to surface, and the cv to carry them is not allowed?

Ok maybe I was a little harsh. But here is the thing. The four building types in the game are meant to work together. Straight banning them is a recipe for disaster, and leads to a very unpleasant time for everyone. Plus, the things you propose here would have been better proposed as a CV LIMIT on the playfield, similar to starter. That way you can still transport things etc, but also not be swarmed by cv’s. But again, you are right in thinking that one CV can take down an unattended bases. That is more to do with the unattended aspect than the base vs cv. I ran a base defense event planet on 4.0. Watched for 4 weeks as people defended against wave after wave of attackers, and were only allowed one base. Everytime, the downfall was not a cv blasting them, it was the person eventually logging off, or being whittled away by superior firepower.

I mean…he’s not wrong. CVs can outrange turrets with pulse lasers.

But if you make CVs not be able to enter a planet then people are just going to kill bases with bases like they did in 4.0 by spam spawning garbage bases to distract the turrets then spawning a real turret tower and manualy firing arty

[quote=“Mordgier, post:4, topic:3373”]
I mean…he’s not wrong. CVs can outrange turrets with pulse lasers.
[/quote]Didn’t they attempt fix that for like 4x already… Why can’t they just add a shorter lifespan to CV projectiles the fix takes literally 3 seconds + compile time! I assumed this was fixed but I guess not… However there is another way to make the base not shoot back anyway… Also not fixed…

But no you need CV’s on planet because of the silly HV’s that we must carry around now. Unless yeah you wanna spawn a new one at every meteorite and then multitool it or leave it behind.

If I didn’t have to worry about CV’s I’d spam my 7 bases around 30 HVs and laugh my ass off - which is actually exactly what ZC is doing on darkworld…

Which is why I hope the admins will step in and delete all the HV’s at some point. First we had BA-core-spam. Admins limited it. Now we have HV-core-spam… And CV-core-spam is also forbidden but why they didn’t forbid HV’s I have no idea but it can’t be good for the server performance.

And a BA should be hard to take over imo. It shouldn’t be like “OH I just shoot it out of range” or “I use exploit x or y” or “I cheese it by digging and decoys” or etc.


I agree.

I think the only issue with HVs is that they can be ‘hidden’ in a hole making them extremely hard to destory as CVs won’t see them, SVs will get shot up instantly and even another HV would basically need to drive over them and shoot down at them - without being instantly blown up.


Well not sure if it still works but you used to be able to park a HV behind a hill and arc-shoot over it until the base is dead :stuck_out_tongue: . Just one of many cheese tactics. But the exploits are worse…

Bases are like babies, you gotta take care of them and never leave them out of sight.

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Wahahaha yea I know it was a long shot, but your basically saying we are screwed. The only reason our base on pvp is still alive is because the faction’s that are fighting want to pvp us more than just wipe us out… if someone wanted us dead it would be really easy to remove everything. :'/

You have no idea how many beginners fly over only to loose everything and then we have to help them back on their feet again, it’s not something people living on pvp for fights should have to deal with, these beginners should have a middle step somewhere so they can learn.

Darkworld is probibly the only planet that you could defend, but only becuase you cant see a bladdy thing and the auto turrets firing back dont need to see. Got lost there once trying to find thranir’s base… turned out he was on light world xD

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Kogami is right, i remember back when 4.0 came out, most of us were happy that CV front guns were disabled on planets.

It made perfect sense, CV to dominate the orbits, then raid planets with SV/HV, but then devs allowed back front guns and now we only see huge CV coming on planets out range BA turrets.

I think the devs need to watch more scifi movies :smiley:


[quote=“Blackwing, post:11, topic:3373”]
I think the devs need to watch more scifi movies :smiley:
[/quote]I think they just need to play on HWS themselves and find out how silly some of their ideas are.


They turned back because a bunch of pve players who play alone, were crying in the official forums, because their workshop cvs made of wet toilet paper were dying for drones … and so we have the shit that is today, I think only Flak should work in the atmosphere of the planets, along with the minigum and cannon turret. And no other weapon anymore.

I consider that Cv must be able to descend on planets and be useful, but it should not be superior in any way against a BA, and it must be able to defend itself against SV and HV attack, but in a situation of maximum 3 against 1 CV, above that it must rise to orbit, in this case I think flak, cannon and minigun are sufficient for a reasonable defense against up to 3 or 4 of these vehicles, of course if your Cv is facing war and combat … if it is Wet paper, forget you’re going to die …


Ya this, this is a much better middle ground. I have always wondered why flak on cv wouldnt work in atmo, but they still give you forward firing. It would be a significant nerf to flip the two, but it would be in the direction of balancing, so I am all for it.

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Yes if they swapped the 2 it would be a much better balance.

Thing is before CVs could fire in atmosphere the only way to defeat bases on planets was with your own base spam.

HVs and SVs get absolutely obliterated by bases - 1 artillery shell will nuke any HV.

People forget so quickly. Remember RAT held gold planet in 4.0 until CVs could fire in atmosphere. We’re talking about a 2 man faction that was able to own gold planet using bases that were impossible to remove with HVs or SVs.

I do agree that CVs should be neutered in atmosphere, but for that to happen HVs need to be first be made capable of taking a shot from base artillery without being totally destroyed.

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The problem with Rat was another, he abused bug and exploits by placing turrets buried in the snow and the base of mountains, but even so I and some friends destroyed several bases of them both in gold and jagal, in jagal we cleaned a mountain of them full Of stupid BAs of towers and we still had hover versus hover battles on the planets, a hover is rather capar to deal with a base, you just need extrategia, but an Sv will suffer for sure … I get hit a tower of a Ba, If it is not buried more than 1km with the hover artillery …

The only reason your base is still alive is that we are 3 factions and we consider ourselves neighbors since we have an Alliance. You guys came to this planet after us (TMP, VM and YAD) and although I’ve sent you 3 times a request for Alliance you rejected. So I guess you aren’t friendly! As i said to you ingame in global chat… we’ve bumped onto your base location a couple of times until we marked the spot so we can avoid it. I also stated to you that you guys have a good defense (with all those spamming HVs)! At some point if you remember when we left the planet with our cv trying to warp to another system I bugged onto your ships and you tried to help me by offering one SV. Don’t say inaccurate things about how hard is for you guys to keep your base still alive because we aren’t even trying to destroy your base.On the contrary you tried numerous times to come and destroy something from our base. You destroyed our autominers. Some ships. Don’t show yourselves as the victims here! We are mostly friendly but if you aren’t friendly, which i assume that’s the case with you guys since you never accepted our requests and you kept fighting our bases and stuff, then we have to defend. And what we are doing the whole time is defending … in case you never noticed!

Well i can’t say you didn’t help me that time i bugged onto your ships! But i don’t think you guys are so passionate and you wanna help others!! It’s like Guardians wanna kill people and steal from them. Your faction is a pirate one and it says clearly Velhonhiha Pirates (VHP) !! I am not complaining or anything! It’s nice to have some pvp fun, that’s why we are playing in a pvp server but since I read your post it’s like you guys so kind and helpful in forum and so Pirates in game that gets me confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways i disagree with CVs staying in orbit and all that jazz… I prefer the game as it is and keep evolving on those standards fixing any bugs or exploits and adding more content!!

LOL, I never said we are weak and helpless but I’m saying that if someone wanted to they could remove our entire base, and they can trust me… We considered accepting your alliance request but what would be the point of being allied with everyone around us… we would just be bored with 0 pvp action. We don’t mind loosing our base we have enough in ocd to build another 100 bases…(which is rediuclas but still…) But if you guys bug out we will help if noobs loose everything we will help but if your not a noob and you are near you will recieve some action from us… becuase yes we are pirates (but no one said pirates have to be assholes) so don’t get too comfortable :smiley:

Well if you want some PVP action you can get it by roaming other systems and planets as well! You are trying to get it by the most comfortable means when you are engaging us… cause that’s easiest than going somewhere else exploring! I am not saying if that’s right or wrong… it’s part of the game so we accept it and we are playing our part! As for you guys having enough in OCD for 100 bases … good for you! We never bragged about anything and we never feel like it. We might be noobs compared to you. We might stop playing tomorrow and get on to another game. Who knows? And maybe the whole planet will eventually get on your hands … woohoo nice right ? And i never said you are assholes, you are just those dudes that can’t “cooperate with their surroundings” cause of … 0 pvp !! Like there isn’t anywhere else pvp to be found :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, enough with the offtopic on your thread! Enough said! Have fun and Good luck in game!