That's not how any of this works

Just a couple of my fun antics today while hoping around the universe.

First up
I have been getting a good bit of practice in with handling a Multitool. (Thanks to Hops over at U$C)
After a while I got a bit bored of the old point and shoot and starting playing around with trick shots.
Like the behind the back shot for example

Later in the day I am cruising around looking for asteroids and I see a ZSathium asteroid. Figuring it is just two asteroids close together, I go for the Sathium I wanted. After about 5 completes circles on varying axis. I realized it was in fact the elusive ZSathium asteroid.

All in all, it was a good, fun day to be in space.
Hope you all got as much of a laugh out of these as I did.


I love he behind the back trick shot! I tend to go over the left shoulder! Love the innovation!

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Ah yes, the ol Annie Oakley trick shot.