The Alien asylum mission on RE is still worse than broken

Thanks for the ticket.
I know, it is still on my list but I’m an one man show currently handling 4 servers and launching a completely new Scenario - and you knew this.

In your linked support ticket you said I should let you know when I fixed it - and since I didn’t write to you that I fixed it, you must assume, that I didn’t fix it.
It’s unfair to bash on me here and ask for compensation when you did it again, even though you had no green light from me.

I know turning the portal off is an easy fast job but I have like 1000th of such easy fast jobs, which overloads me in the end nevertheless.

For the last 4 days I’ll turn it off now, ok ok.
And I can at least give back Origin XPs.

But not to

This isn’t possible, since this includes 2184 players on HWS RE EU.