The Arc II Missing a big part

this morning 12/02/2017 around 01.00 AM i was on Ori Planet on my CV The ARK II.
From the planet i raised to orbit (The ship was damaged but No holes, all constructors 6 all cargo an all ammo boxes 8)
Once on orbit my game crashed abount 200 m from orbit (the usual bug where you cannot interact with stuffs with the f key) Usually i log out and log in and the bug is solved.
Then i logged out, but i could not log in agian.
Restarted PC, it took about 10 mins for it to re enter the game.
I was 150 m from the ship and the ship was invisible.
The weird thing is that it was not invisible only for me, it was invisible for everyone (4-5 ppl there).
We can see the label (PKA The Arc II) but the ship was invisible. There was a SV inside the hangar it was visible and full intact. I took it and got back home after trying to relog 5-6 times
We tryed to warp in and out, nothing happened.
This morning i woke up and found it on Peacekeeper HQ, i dont know if one of my faction Mates recovered it, i will check but a weird thing happened, A BIG PORTION OF IT IS MISSING.

Lost half Constructors, Half cargo boxes and half ammo boxes, it took out exactly that portion.
I thounght a fight but the lost part has been wiped out perfectly like with Deconstructor. I thought of repair base fixed but many other blocks are damaged so that did not happened.

The ID of the ship is 12366023 name THe Arc II.
Let me know


Hey man, very strange.

It is as was now :slight_smile:

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