The chat bot is still drunk and stealing our stuff

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I dont know why our last ticket was closed, the problem still remains and now its just making stuff up as it goes along. see attached images, where it just randomly starts stating the max we should have and how many cores we do have. which is still, far far higher than exist. HWS should 100% disable this mechanic until its working properly or raise the limits by x10 to stop people having their ships taken by hws and having to buy them back with rp and credits.

This has been ongoing for months now and people are fed up with it, do not close this ticket without taking action to resolve it again please.

Suggested resolutions:
increase the cap to be 2+(2member count), instead of 2+(1member count), it is that simple. changing a 1 to a 2 could save so much headache and bad moods.

to reiterate, we only have some 18-20 cv and the hws server bot keeps stealing our ships and ransoming them back too us.

its constant, and its making our favourite server unplayable. it needs to be fix asap and its a pretty easy fix, either turn off that system, or expand the core count limit to make up for the fact its constantly counting imaginary ships, we’re loosing bases and ships everyday, too many for me to keep making tickets for, please help.

have you taken a look at the structure commander to see if deleted ships are showing there? I suggest you take inventory of the ones that show in structure commander that do not exist in the game registry and pop the structure IDs here. I’m sure it would be much faster for the admins just to remove a list of them rather than u flying to each sector for the commander to update.

always be sure the commander has updated before leaving a play field if you’ve deleted any of your ships. leaving a map too fast is the root cause of this because of playfields unloading when no players are in it :frowning:

No @Bob you’re missing the point; its just making up limits now, acting drunk, it will say “you have 33 of 30 ships, get rid of 5 now or else” followed minutes later by, “you have 32 of 31 ships…get rid of 4” then “you have 29 of 30 ships remove X amount” and just goes crazy.

its not even making any sense anymore, even with the “HWS Ghost ships” factored in.

A systemic fix is required, from the admin end, players should not be asked to run around treating the symptoms of a problem indefinitely when a single changed digit in the HWS bot code would do that.
just up the limits a bit.
They dont make sense anymore anyway now you can have class 50 cores, 3 x class 50 cores fighting would be way more taxing on the server than 30 x class 1 cores fighting. right now its just pushing people away from the server for no good reason.

yes, i see the numbers do not make any sense at all. the structure commander seems to have no idea which ships are in play. im only suggesting u list the nonexistent ones to assist in finding the root cause. disabling the mechanic will cause well more harm than good. we may be able to resolve ur specific issue faster than a global resolution.

moving forward though we can take a few extra steps to prevent this.

I’ve greatly enjoyed nearly every feature on the server, but this 1 particular thing imo was more troublesome to me as a new player to HWS than all others combined.

I’ve heard about 2 dozen anecdotes about how best to deal with cored ships to prevent a structure commander bocklog but the only one Ive found to somewhat-consistently work is to Recycle the ship ( after waiting 10+ minutes for Struct. Com. to recognize it ), then delete the ship, then sit on it for 10-15 additional minutes. & even doing that Ive found I later needed to return to re-delete some ships. It’s a really burdensome system/feature that simply does not work well and can be extremely disruptive and confusing to gameplay.

I wonder if the limit can be raised or removed if NPC ships simply did not respawn. previous to HWS I was never accustomed to having NPC CVs respawn in online play and after having played here I still dont see a reason or benefit for them doing so. From a practical or a role-playing perspective. The galaxy is very big and CV targets are not difficult to find.

Exactly that! And you suggest to make it even more taxing with 3 * 2 class 50 ships fighting.

Increasing the global limit from factor 1 to 2 is easy and I can temporary do that but does not seem to solve it either I think.
You just postpone the issue? Except, at one point the system “heals” itself @Jascha ?

I mean the root issue is a bug in Eleons code, right?
And it got boosted ad absurdum because Reforged Eden is filled with Patrol Vessels, players like to capture, right?
In your case for example:

So I’m not sure what a solution is here but I agree there needs something done!

Suggesting to remove the global limits completely, should make everyone realize though, what will happen then… I mean common, just now our Shared Folder in the savegame is over 15GB big.

Allowing even more structures to be in the savegame, will be even more troublesome with disc space, backup times and thus more players asking on daily “is server dead?” cause the server restart will take longer and longer.

What would be a reasonable way to solve the problem would be for NPC ships (even when cored) simply not to count towards limits. At all. After all you know you can not actually use them as player ships. They will not warp around etc. So there may be a wizzard coder way to simply tell the bot to ignore all ships whose names are “xxx” and include all NPC patrol vessels from the list.

Otherwise writting to confirm from my side also that the system is completely erratic and unpredictable to the point of making me often choose not to use the recycle 5 I worked very hard towards simply because it will get me involved in the ghost ships malarkey…

Today it took a ship off a player relativly new to the game, it did so right over a deposit, so it let him take the core out but not put it back.

Things like this are bleeding players from the server, the problem

I know you’re saying “imagine if the limits were higher it would be worse” but that’s not the case, since the limits are not properly implemented!
The limits aren’t the real limits at the moment, they’re a trap.
So to allow people to use just 1 faction ship each, you’ll have to increase the limits to accommodate that.

That’s not really increasing the limit, that’s allowing people to use the limit they should already have access to.

The server is being wiped soon anyway.
And the restart time is already ludicrously long to the point of exceeding half an hour, so the damage you’re trying to avoid is not really a problem, it’s already done, you can’t make it much worse there, but the the damage of doing nothing at all is very real attrition of server pop.

i have to say our faction has not had this issue at all since we have all made it a habit of verifying the structure commander has been updated before leaving a sector. I’m not sure why your members cannot do this simple task that will avoid this issue entirely. we all know how awfully buggy this game is and and constantly have to use many workarounds to avoid most of the issues here. this one is no different at all. I suggest that your structure commander is cleaned up to stop this from happening now and moving forward use the same methods that everyone else is doing to ensure this doesn’t happen again. this issue is nothing new. it has been around since the expansion of the universe.

The only reason why we’re seeing this now is because we have such a large universe that is unpopulated. either stop coring enemy ships and recycling them or wait for them to update. that is a lot faster solution than making the admins stop working on the new season to come up with something that they have been trying resolve for a long time now.


Exactly that. Reforged Eden is so absurd big, not intended for populated Multiplayer servers at all, that this is the root issue, that EAH can’t keep up with all the API calls and 500 000+ structure data.
At that point limits are indeed laughable anyways.

Right, I think if players would be patient and understanding the root of the issue, it would be a collaboration of working through the issue together.
But some players are really impatient, don’t want to deal with “bugs in a released game” and overall have some other “demands” or blame us for anything. Not negatively speaking here but it is how it is.

Yes a full wipe is incoming, Ravien was not really willing to reduce the amount of stars, so I have to put more work into HWS RE the next season to reduce incentive of senseless visiting stars all over the place and rework limits.
For now I will turn them kinda off only in PvE.

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Firstly thankyou for turning them off, that should make things much cooler now.

Had a couple of thoughts on how you could fix the file sizegrowth

  1. Soft wipes. Just keep a virgin copy of the server file, back up every playfield that has a player core inside it only.

every month on the first of the month wipe it then reinstall only the playfields that were backed up.

2.stop offering people rp to go to new playfields.

  1. Subscriber goals for better hardware.

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  1. @Jascha I also thought about some good ol “hacks”. Check for playfields and those that have no player core, just wipe away.

  2. Already in queue, yes.

  3. It’s not really the hardware. Well, ok, a 10 Terra Byte Nvme might help about backups :wink: But overall it’s just absurd how much data is going through. I mean a better hardware won’t fix the global limit issue.

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Yes the developers have always had the strategy of adding more hardware because that’s a must faster solution than optimizing code. I know I’m no developer and I don’t know coding nearly as much but throwing more hardware at software issues is a losing battle.

we hit critical mass long ago but we keep getting more new additions…

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