The Disappearance of Spectre

Hi folks, Dr. Mit here.

You probably haven’t seen me around lately on the server, and it’s mostly for personal reasons, and I’m just waiting for more updates. Just felt like half the time I was playing, looking for POIs was uh… impossible as 99% of the ones we went to were blown up or halfway looted (i.e going for the rare canisters and just getting out).

Anyway, I’ll see you around space family, hopefully soon :slight_smile:

disclaimer : WoW definitely isn’t contributing to my absence…

Got it, WoW is totally the reason you’re not here.


HWS Campaign has every day alot of POIs resetted. If you want a POI challenge you can go there. But yeah 3.3 has introduced technically bugs and we hoping for another patch :wink:

Oh? I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip, and I’ll totally be back! :slight_smile: