The environment is not the dangerous part of Alienworld

So I finally went to Alien world. Twice now in fact. Both times the dominate feature of the planet has been lag. My machine is admittedly aging nVidia 660ti, 8gb ram, 8core 3.5Ghz AMD processor. Not great, but not awful. The planet itself give me max 30fps on fast graphics settings. and once the POI’s open fire we’re talking seconds per frame. That’s not hyperbole, I was literally fighting through a series of screenshots.

My faction mate and I were able to technically defeat the POI group, by which I mean take down all the large turrets. However we left at a huge loss, since we took so much un-necessary damage by being unable to move, and we couldn’t actually get into any of the POI’s since fighting on foot at seconds per frame is even less fun.

In short unless you have a much better machine than me, I wouldn’t advise going to alien world.

I have a pretty absurd PC - and Alien World is a mess - with alien POIs deep inside fog and able to shoot you while you totally cannot see them at all.

No thanks.

I love alien world, I even made a subterranean base in that horrendous place, I always liked masperon (on another server, of course), there is great for joining meat, and there are some fuzzy skins and the epic bazooka only drops there if I’m not mistaken.
There is the container very rare, but the rendering of the planet is horrible and the gravity absurd, burns all the fuel in minutes, there is no place for any player to spend holidays, there and a place where only the strongest thrive, if not Be prepared will stay there, you and your ship …

A tip if you go there put all the filters off and everything in the lowest video configuration, so maybe you can get better there, another thing as soon as you get on the planet wait a minute until you load everything, then start to move, Many POIs for loading.

Yeah. That’s exactly what I have a problem with.

I’d prefer to fight aliens than graphical rendering issues.

What is your current configuration? I use an fx 4300 + 8gb kingston + gtx 570, but I should upgrade now at the end of the year. The bad thing here is that since I live in south america, more precisely in brazil, and it is served locally in Canada, latency is the main problem, maybe if the server was for miami or new york, my ping would be a bit better .

I am running a GTX 970 , 16 GB Ram, Intel core i7 @ 3.5 GHz which is able to run any game on the market at high settings. I use the fast setting and still Alien world when the poi’s are firing lowers my fps. It is like you are fighting the computer for fps more so than fighting the poi’s.Neither Quaillow or my self lost our ships but took alot of scattered damage which we were able to repair on site. We are both experienced players and easily blasted through the space defenses easily, hardly pausing at all. Survivability isn’t our issue as a matter of fact our first visit we popped out of orbit into a pvp faction dreadnaught, CV, and sv in addition to 4 poi’s. We managed to engage them all and fly away after the battle. So we have decided to forgo alien world until the particles in atmosphere or whatever is causing so much lag are resolved so we are not fighting the fps more then the AI.