The game crashed whilst I was entering space from freelancer HQ and got kicked out of sv when I re logged. Died in space as I couldn't get into my sv because it said currently occupied.back at base I make small sv to get other but happened again. EU

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next time, type detach in console!

Also, fill in the template, or no help will be provided!

Sorry I was using mobile to post and it would not let me fill in the template.

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Just logged back on to build another sv to get this sorted and in middle of building the server took the sv and now it is stuck in middle of my base. Not my night. What can I do now?

there is a limit to ships! All this info you found when joining the server :wink:

To get them back, you need to type: egs:buyshipback:IDofship Then delete it, or set to faction/private. You can have one on each!

How do I find the ship Id? Sorry I am fairly new to this game.

open console, and type DI - enter and close console
look at the vessel

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t have the bank coins. Is there any way an admin can just delete them so I can start again. It’s weird because it was saying I had to many ships after I got logged out the first time but I had no other sv to get my only sv back. I’m sorry if this is causing you a headache because I know it is me lol. Anyway I got to log now so I will try again tomorrow after work. Thanks again :slight_smile:

no problem… Here to help!
Contact me on Discord when you get on tomorrow, and we will figure this out… Best is before the 5pm restart, then we can quickdelete the sv`s you want gone :wink:

Thank you so much. I will message you tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Is this resolved?

Hopefully when I get back from work today and log on :slight_smile:

You will be logged in, but this will happen again. While it is not in a hurry to decide or in a hurry but it does not work. I have stopped playing HWS so far, but in the creative mode, having created a tank with 10x RCS from the drawings, this work is the same. (impossible to enter the cabin busy)

Hi I was not able to get on yesterday work was manic and ended up doing overtime due to incompetent monkeys. Anyway I just logged on and my base has been wiped out. I’m in a pve zone so I am going to have to start over again. :frowning:

Just let me know when you are home! You can PM me here, but response time will be slower!

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