The gost SV

Hello all.

Im not sure if this is the right place for this post, if not you can move o erase.

I want to explain something very rare that happend to me this morning.
We found 3 days ago in pvp zone a capital with a sv and hv we change the cores; names and painting of all and we take home, ¿nothing against rules is pvp zone right? if not we have no problem to return.
Here is the weird. This morning i enter the game and the defenses of base start shooting, i went out to look and i see the same sv i take 3 days ago with the old paint, old name and core from other facction and a backpac from a player near the sv.

Is weird because the sv was in the roof of the our base surrounded by defenses, noboddy have time to go to the roof, changue the core, paint again the cv and try to fly again???
I think is a bug and the cv change to his old owner alone and my defenses take care of both of them.


Indeed very strange.
What were their names (ships)?
What Server?

We will look into it, and send it to devs if we see something strange.

Thanks for reporting.

Hello again.

Sorry for not post the server before.
Server Hws EU this happend saturday morning 8:30 more or less and for the moment i cant remember the old name from CV and HV only the SV and was Cerverus XI now is manta, the problem was with the SV only.

Is was like the player spawn insaid the SV, anyway the old owner is free to contact me from here if he want back all the ships we can talk about the price for the parking XD.

Thanks for your time.