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…oh God, please help me just to stay unbanned for my tiny blog here

OK guys, here we go.
First of all i need to warn you a bit. This blog should be kinda legal, so it will be a bit vegetarian. I feel I can’t post juicy stuff here, cause in best case it will be just deleted, worst case - banned :man_shrugging: Also I have to ignore all provocations here and don’t answer them. So, maybe, it’s wise to contact me is discord in some cases (-=Ice=-#1715).

So, as Rex said: full wipe 7PM approximately today. Couple of our guys are pretty ready for now. I can’t tell you all stuff in details, but we got many objectives at start. We call them “PvE tiny problems”. The main priority is to leave starter planet as fast as possible. After that we need to get level 25 and get some epics. Other things are not so crucial, but need to be done anyway. We need to do F1 missions, ECC missions, need to “unpack” all our stuff in donare space: bases, prepare production, pre-craft some BPs and things like that. Later we need to level up our relations with NPCs, do exploration, check old ways and paths (trading, resource gathering, etc). There is new feature, T.E.A.M., need to check it out. As you see it will keep us busy for maybe 2-3-4 days, i donno for sure.

Also i got some personal objectives. I need to do recycle and OCD lvl 5 at least (omg, not again!.. :laughing: I’ve pretty tired of this already :slight_smile: ). Without it there is no proper PvP for me. After HWS 13 config release i need to review my BPs a bit and send my main PvP vessels to Rex to approve. Well, that’s it for the start.

What about diplomacy and relations.
We are playing in FUN, its a coalition faction where the participants of OPG, 4BK and some others gathered. Our ally for good is U-T faction. Also we are in good relations with ABN, but we can’t really make a permanent alliance because of limits mostly.
JVI and RED are our enemies and I can’t see any reasons to not kill them nonstop in PvP.
There are some factions like PKF, GMC, AAA who are also in the war with RED/JVI. I can’t say something definite here… but i think NAP is possible here. I know we can deal with Kisulik :slight_smile: But not sure about the rest guys.
All other factions is neutral for us but if we meet them in PvP - we will try to kill them if possible.

I can say we are not just closed angry PvP faction (well, we are actually… :blush: ), but we are always open for offers, discussions and recruiting. If you feel you got something to tell us - don’t be shy, contact me personally (cause not many in FUN knows English, unfortunately) or U-T guys. It is more than possible to reach an agreement between us.

I think that’s it for now, thanks for reading, be prepared right after server wipe and keep fingers crossed - nobody wants lags, disconnects or server crash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If we get more constant disconnects I won’t be on very long to be honest. Will probably wait til 14 if that is the case.

So long fairplay and no ahk your welcome cause on good old times. To have some fun greetings. P.s and never Troll me again with spy here spy here of you remeber glad to hear that you are in a good realationship with my Brother see / hear us.

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Well… HWS 13 delayed, I’m still banned… :man_shrugging:

So, check this thing out :slight_smile:

This is mine ultimate PvE CV. Made with love to myself :smiley: It’s super compact, cheap and maneuverable. In right hands it can deal with any PvE mission. I can even do Phoenix POI on that thing alone, someday I’ll make a video.
Needless to say it’s a one-shot CV, so you need to watch your shields.
Also there are 2 features in this vessel.
First, it uses HWS Warp T2, so you need to download and install HWS config if you want to spawn it in creative or so (you can get config here -
Second, there is an adv. cons there. It’s highly recommended to dismount it with multitool and put back again only if you really need to craft something.

Anyway, take a try of it - Ice_UniSex5.epb (2.6 KB)

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i like the compact design. working on a modular CV build myself.

Training is a key to PvP victories.
We do it on our private server with HWS config. We can try different tactics, analyze damage, rebuild or upgrade our BPs, etc. Very useful.


Well OK, seems like wipe is near for real and no need to move deadlines. But this situation is a bit unfortunate for me cause I’ll be busy and return home like 1 hour after new season start… :confused: We got some plans with our guys but it seems they have to do it without me. So I think I’ll take more boring scenario for my start. But who knows, we’ll see!

And I hope Rex will not forget to unban me btw :smiley:

Woah… we got some intense gameplay these days, so no posting from me till now :slight_smile:

We got a plan for the start, we wanted to assault PvP starter planet and hunt some JVIs and REDs. We were able to upgrade to 25 lvl via tutorial mission and OCD was available. So our guys got some hand weapons and resources for HV. So we turned the start into a meat grinder :slight_smile: Newcomers had zero chances to survive, to be real. But unfortunately not much RED+JVI landed, so we were killing some random players.

Sparco got some problem with internet connection and we just waited him on PvP starter for about 50 minutes, maybe. Hunting floating maruis a bit later :smiley:

After that we destroyed our single HV (recycle didn’t work for some reasons) and moved on… Spawned a CV, loaded it and went to Atlantis planet for Epic Armor… and right after warp jump to Atlantis… :smiley:

Some mad Zrx drone was warp camping and almost fckd us up! Ticket, ban him! :laughing: T2 warp was destroyed, some blocks too… thanks to shields they woke up after a bit…
After that we moved to our home space in donare sector and began to settle down, spawning bases, etc.

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After some chilling in home space we went to test the ultimate mission :slight_smile:

We spent there like 2 hours… also we caught server restart during a mission, so our progress was rolled back a bit

Final room… was a hard run for us :slight_smile:

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The rest of the gameplay pretty much PvE, not so interesting. I will make dedicated post about some features.
During our PvE run i made 3 kills, 1st kill i didn’t record and got report for this :slight_smile: Other 2 kill are recorded, take a look a short video below. We didn’t start to do PvP stuff so i got only super basic vessels, but some kills keep coming :slight_smile:

Also you can see i needed like 5 rail shots from SV to take down single base turret… that’s strange balance, in my opinion.

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And a little teaser for our PvE activity… i already HATE T.E.A.M. !!! :triumph: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :nauseated_face: :bomb:

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Got a fight with @gareth yesterday on HVDM event… As you see my cockpit exploded right after my shield went down. Lucky shot or lagshot - I have no idea. But I know this HV is crap for sure :slight_smile: Need to be replaced with something PvP-like.

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… and i get some revenge :slight_smile: Check out my xxDM fights :slight_smile:

This was actually my 1st CV fight on HWS 13. And I was very disappointed with new CV config. 150mm H-MSLs became just awful. I know it’s kinda almost vanilla for now, but I always hated original super slow speed of rockets. They slow like torpedoes… the way they chasing the target, ohh… Mounted lasers were nerfed too for unknown reasons. I mean, I have some guesses… As you might know I’m very good CV fighter. Mounted weapons always were a key to victory on HWS, for all past seasons I remember. Now its heavily nerfed and CV fights reminds me old dumb HV battles, where you just cruising around, waiting for turrets to do their work. No aiming, no skill, just fight like NPC… very sad for me :roll_eyes: Hoping for roll back.

My last HVDM fight was… strange. Maybe its not so obvious on video, but that guy tried to ram and tackle me all the time (just compare this fight and my fight with @gareth). I was trying to avoid it by going back and side, but that player was persistent. Well, I’ve surrendered and gave him what he wanted. I appreciate if someone tell this guy about server’s fight rules. When he realized he lost all weapons he turned on turbo escaping mode and didn’t even try to do event objective… Last minute is also strange, seems like my fire just don’t do any damage. I let him run away and won mission without a kill :man_shrugging:

All Normaly created…)

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revenge :wink:

As Ice asked to did some montage :wink:


Just realized Alien Labyrinth mission is designed for Finns!
@Lord_of_the_ping @GrandPa hello! :slight_smile:

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grabbed the wrong one at 1st

Well, my past 2 days was pretty funny. Many thing happen, in real life too, but who cares for real? :slight_smile: As a result I’ve been teleported to Pirate Starter for my awful sins and became guilty… But wait, Pirate Starter is PvP!.. Pew-pew-pew, +9 frags with all the attendant :man_shrugging:

What can I say, epic sniper rifle is very good on distance, you can shoot while others are just out of range. Shotgun is deadly on close range. After making some frags I just remembered there is no oxygen on planet and I’m out of it soon. F2 spawn is disabled now there (and egs:spawn limit was reached for me) so I played a survival game a bit :slight_smile: I collected stone, ores and wood, made survival cons, made a primitive HV, made o2 tanks and station and only after that I could breathe. Almost died btw :slight_smile: After that i found broken “beam me up” SV, repaired it and flew away.

Yeap, gatling made some kills too :slight_smile:

Not sure, but I guess nobody really understands the value of that SV. But if you take a look you can see this:

Yeap, its CVs detector, placed on SV. You can never put it to your SV in regular game, so its kinda priceless. Needless to say how it can help with exploration. So I’ve completely rework one of these and made very usefull SV explorer

Its a bit ugly cause I’m too lazy to waste time on useless forms and cover it with cubes. But it works good, already helped us to find 2nd Star Fragment.


Also it all means I’m free from T.E.A.M. slavery now, at last! :slight_smile: I’ll tell about it a bit later.

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Today I got the fastest SVDM you can imagine (well, almost…). That’s because I was fighting one of my favorite players :slight_smile:

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