The negative side of reputation system

The reputation system encourages people to stay offline so they can collect points.

A friend of mine is collecting reputation points and it’s impossible for me to get him to login and PvP with me.
In fact, he tries to avoid logging it entirely because he could die to a bug or something else.

Today I asked him to come raid a base with me, but he said I need to give him another week…
Ok, he has been collecting pts for 3 weeks.

… You need to change this system somehow to stop being so carebear and result in people staying logged out of the game.

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I know it seems like I follow you around the forums, but I dont. I try to answer questions and issues as they arise, and you seem to have a lot of them

First off, yes the rp system as it is now does punish people who dies by decreasing rp by one. But to say that encourages people to not play ignores the other half of the equation where your primary means of getting RP is by warping with an epic weapon, and holding on to it through the night. Oh and just my humble opinion, but it you find it unfathomable to go an entire day without dying 7 times, you might be playing a little too much on foot. This game has no implemented armor system, your ships are supposed to be your armor.

Now I believe I know what you may be referring to is the freelancer’s only rp method that is available to all, of getting rp if you arent living in pve. Well honestly, I agree with you that it should be changed, but not for the reason you are saying. I think it should be impossible to get RP by not playing the game. Something like insuring that a freelancer warps at all during that day before they can get the pve reward should probably be implemented, if it is not already.

Overall though, I dont see how this is our problem. Sounds like you have a lame friend.

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The RP system is a little odd in 5. Mine is at 407 - essentially just from flying about a bit and early on having no PvE stuff. I’d like to see RP rewards for PvP in 6 if possible. Possibly for taking out POIs.

from what i understand, RP and Credits have a much bigger role in 6.0 .

I’m just telling it how I experience it. You don’t have to agree, but I’m just being honest in hopes that things will improve and we can find a better way.

My 5cts: I think the RP system is fairly ok the way it is. Certainly it could be improved with addl. features, like getting RP for raiding a more challenging POI (not the easy ones and not only for the Sphere :slight_smile: ).

I don’t like the idea to take away the RP for living in PVP, with the reasoning that if you don’t have to come online for it, you don’t deserve it. There s people who work and can’t be online every single day. So let them have the RP for living exclusively in PVP, even if they don’t come online every single day. They take a fair risk for doing that, because their stuff can get raided.

However, you could change the balance, like give a little less than RP for living in PVP (and potentially not being online everyday), like e.g. maybe 3RP. If you would warp on a given day AND live in PVP you could get the 7RP. Values are just an example.

I also like the 1x daily Warp + EPIC Weapon thing as an added bonus, but maybe the EPIC Weapon should just be removed from the Supply package. So no chance to get to it, unless you raid or buy one.

The admins should make a form that PvPers can fill out with information and a video about the PvP or raid that they had.

Then they can award rep points to the player.

Good advertisement for the game, the server and the most deserved rep points.
Might be too much work for admins though, so idk.

You´re be right. In cause of that you woulnd find the first few weeks in 6.0 no PVP. Its was the same at the beginning of 5.0 . And because of that we lost many players in our faction. For people with filled OCD, it would be very fast very Boring


You are probably one of the most experienced players in HWS, so I’m glad that you write a comment here to confirm.

Omg you flatter me :joy: