The PvP Life, expectations vs reality


Settle on a nice planet, live a few days in peace

Grow some crops and settle in and get cozzy.

Find a few friendly nabours with big guns that like using them.

And enemies with even bigger guns that love to pvp and create great experiences.



Find a really cool planet, dig for days on end to secure from diggers

Build a stronghold gather up all the surrounding players as allies secure deposits for them and provide an environment where they feel a lil safe.

come home for a 20min lunch during work to find people wrecking your structures, shoot them in the face a lil and head back to work.

and then come back to ruins…and start all over on another planet.

R.I.P. PvP… Offline raiding wrecking dreams since 2016.


\o/ another player who likes to shoot ppl or things in their face :smiley: face shots provide great stress relief lol

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So true :smiley:

But reality is even worse as we got some big old factions like PKA or SWP who enjoy offline raiding and killing the fun on the server, i can understand new factions or small one trying their luck but old big factions of players… so sad :confused:

Until OP is back, offline raiding will be bad for the server and i understand why thousands of ppl come by each month on the server and why we have still around 100 ppl at prime time (mostly the same players), all news get reckt :confused: and don’t come back.

It’s already boring for us old players who try to settle on pvp planet to have some great online battle (but happened so rarely…), i can’t imagine how boring this is for new players who don’t have a lot of ressources to be offline raided.

Maybe one day…


Offline raiding can be fun. Building your defences, finding wrecks when you login. Only bugs and exploits like 3rd person view camera abuse and untargetable vessels make it awful. I had a lot of fun getting rekt by smart builder defences or finding full enemy backpacks in my traps.

I tried to solo offline raid a base with an obvious flaw a couple of days ago but enemy turrets decided not to bother with terrain and destroyed my vessel when i relogged after the 5th eac kick for HV tunneling. (if you’re in range of turrets they will shoot you if you relog, reproduced several times, it’s like for a split second there is no terrain, enough time to destroy anything)


It sucks dude. We love to build bases in pvp so we can have fun LOT faction gave us some fun but we had a group that waited for us to go offline every night and spent hours breaking stuff using artillery from a distance. That is no fun. We started visiting other servers that offer offline protection and proper lighting.

Patiently waiting for 6.0

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Yea that’s suck, I was doing offline raid because I was stranded, bored, lonely and completely broke (raid was over when my vessel got destroyed by a bug, I can’t even fuel my CV :D, lost my last 150 promethium in my HV cargo)

Waiting for people to go offline is lame, I wonder why it’s still possible to see online players, we should be able to see faction teammates and the number of players online, that’s enough.

Offline protection is deactivated on this server because it is easily abused with severals bases and bugged, I could enter bases with OP flickering.

Yea i can understand the thrill of trying to break someones base, but at the same time its more thrilling to do it while they online and fighting back, also then it lasts longer as well so you get a lot more pvp out of 1 persons base. Most people don’t think logically thou.

hey guys,

as a member and one of the leaders of pka, we do raid quite frequenetly. But i can agree that pvp in this game is not that stable… we hunt occasionally and do find a few base’s.

before engaging we do check type of faction / member quantity and discuss it between members. Personally I do find it unfair on attacking unmanned bases and when we do find a few we do leave some alone due to it being not fun and really not fair especially on new players who are just trying to start out… and with this we do offer help to that player in certain circumstances.

We only attack unmanned bases with the more experienced player as they know what to expect (Thranir / Blackwing /etc ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I do hope that something will be done to increase the defences of offline players or to mitgate them somehow… but this is the game as it is now…

Hi Raven , maybe you can defined what “fun” is? because from my point of view , there is no fun when the first time we step in your base , so many turret instantly shot down my CV , so many sentry gun buried underground and can still shoot , that kill us again and again and can’t find where they are , cause us “ammo drained” and send to jail .

After that , we decide we will destroy all your base , soon or later .

Your base is so big , and from the name of them like “Predator”,“Backpack collector”,“Gold storage”,“Welcome party” , all of that explain you didn’t afraid people step in when you are offline , hell , you did want people step in , you thought you can kill them all by your well placed turret.

Everyone know you ZC guys build in Iceworld ,You thought your base is immortal , and we show you that you are not .

You can’t imagine how many brain used that we try to figure out how to conquer your base , we have scout to collect information where your turrets placed , we have defending outpost to make us stand in planet , we have siege tower to fire your base , we even draw a map that point all your bases and turrets location , and after all , we still have one badass killer haven’t show up.

By the way , we didn’t wait you go offline , there is a different time zone between us , when you go sleep , we just wake up , beside you have so many member , many time we attack your base while your guys defending , however I admit that is more easier when your guys all gone.

There is no win win deal in a war , somebody have to lose everything and feel “no fun” , you feel no fun , we did , that’s a lot of joy these day , it’s like a difficult puzzle , or a math question , and it’s seems a little lonely after victory.

R.I.P. ZC.

When you can core the base shooting thru terrain and water its game bugs and frustrating, it’s ok you guys did a great job being persistent. Besides that i am happy you had fun so did we it’s just the game bugs and no offline protection become tiresome.

The thing is without us the ones that build on planet you are going to have nothing to do and currently i am done with planet building on HWS until something is fixed.

GG dude it was fun no hard feelings we had no doubt it was going to fall GG

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Yea we have lost 5 massive bases on pvp so far and have moved to space for now until 6.0.

Remember, no medic station in space.

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Can’t help with that shooting through terrain bug , it’s turret automatic not I want to do it , I’ve also seen many time your turret shoot through terrain and kill me , I know that is a games bug , we should know that this is a Early Access game on a unofficial server , so unless the bugs are fatal or very serious , I will ignored it since the bug also a part of this game :joy:

GG man your base is totally strong and hard to attack especially inside underground part , I’ve travel planet these day and never find any bases that so many challenge ever again , if any kind of offline protection can bring you guys back to PVP planet I will definitely support it , look forward to 6.0.

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Happy to hear it was a challenge that was the point. See you in deep space you relentless bastard :slight_smile: