The "Second Chance" Policy of RexXxuS

Hi HWS Community,

this is a little strange title but maybe straight and easy enough.
I want to describe as short as possible what all of this is about and why in the first place.
Running HWS for the last 3+ years and appreciated to say all the time as Number 1 server, has some downsides, many don’t know.

So let me start by making something very clear:

HWS in its core is run only by Jascha and me. Even more clear: HWS in terms of Community Manager, Universe and Co is only run by me.

Of course there are some sub trees to that claim:

  • Ju is helping me with awesome POIs and being the “HWS Garage Master” (with help of DeeExpus)
  • Hayawen is the new “HWS Connect Master”
  • The HWS Team and HWS Police (you can find all names in the Guide and Discord) are a backbone of “observing” and helping as well all the time
  • And many other volunteers to improve and help HWS all the time

All of that is “flowing through my fingers” though. Every single day. The decisions I have to make daily are plenty, the words I have to write daily are countless, the daily hours I have to spend for all of that are not enough. If the EU servers goes to bed, the NA server keep me awake. Waking up with 100s of PMs make my day already. (to have more admins to help is a different topic we will discuss on a different place for now)

Technically that means 2 things:

  1. My goal to be “done” one day with my Todo list is rather an illusion
  2. My physical and mental condition are under stress 24/7.

Especially the second point is something many don’t know in the fullest.
What I’m saying here is that my brain, over the years, got treated almost only with Empyrion / HWS. And the more you treat your brain with one particular thing the most perfect and efficient it becomes.
But to not going in detail it means that if I’m doing stuff for HWS / Empyrion I am “positive” stressed" and if I’m doing no HWS / Empyrion, I am “negative” stressed.
In a way, that I can’t really relax and want to solve things as fast as possible to somehow catch up with point Number 1 from above to stop Number 2.
Somehow a weird spiral / contradiction you might realize.

Sounds worse than it is maybe but why I’m saying all of this?

I am telling this honestly because handling over 1000 players alone is a task… well, you can’t always do, right. But because I have to do it always, it means I am sometimes “hard to work with”.
I can come over unfriendly, aggressive or in other ways inconvenient.
While this is not my nature, you know by then, that “he is on fire again” :grimacing:

Back to the point: I try to improve my thoughts and flow in my brain all the time and I think I make progress over the years.
Still, naturally I get haters, rage quitters, insults, etc. because of my behavior.
That is regrettable for me but should be please understandable and almost a disclaimer of working with me / joining HWS. I am reasonable though and telling me friendly to chill has an instant effect of reflection.
Words like “please, thank you” are instant effects as well.
No money in the world can replace for me these two magic words. That is how I work. Believe / understand it or not.

Now, if there were bans from me, which resulted due the points above than it is how it is.
But if both can reflect on it and improve for the future, I am the guy of a Second Chance.

Done in the past couple of times already and in most of cases successful.

Trigger to that post for example were the two perma bans from me to @IceDrugg and @Abrum13 because of the points mentioned above, even though the case of =ice= were more complicated.

I had a longer discussion with both of them and regarding the behavior we agreed on improvements in the future - so I lifted the bans.
Since I announced the bans in the public, I have to announce the unban in the public as well for transparency reasons.

To clarify, =ice= lost completely all of his progress. OCD levels, OCD Content, OAM levels, content and just completely everything. He starts by nothing again, because more than the behavior were involved.

The overall summary about this and I know a lot would have run HWS in a different way is:

  • if there is a real reflection being done about things, I give a second chance. Especially if the player was constructive in a special way and overall like Empyrion.

  • if an exploiter got “perma” banned, the second chance is applied if 1. promise being made to never do it again and 2. the exploit is fixed by Eleon in the meantime he got banned doing.

Again, I know many would act in a different way and maybe I’m sometimes to naive and get the ticket for it. But I believe still in good values and by now HWS is for many not only a game but a community and nice place to be.
Even if I’m sometimes too sensitive, burned out, etc. overall the positive spirit of the HWS Community is noticeable I think and the guys with a second chance would not waste it by only getting banned again after it.

I should work on my definition of “describe in short” :grimacing:
I hope you understand me / my motivation better now.
I felt it was maybe helpful to some. Again, it should not excuse my behavior sometimes but just be sure that first written words are always tricky, second I’m not a negative guy in nature.

That being said, thanks for reading and hey, it would help if you could learn German as well, to make it easier and rather laugh than hate about some pitty things :smile:



Hmm…Don’t know how I feel about second chances to be honest…A ban is a ban in my mind and especially Exploiters who can ruin the in-game economy or exploit combat (of which me and my faction were the victim of many times), if we’re not careful we’ll end up in a race to the bottom.

You’re already an extremely patient guy and those who have received bans have typically earned a ban on more than one occasion. People are lucky that you’re already very chilled and give people the benefit of the doubt (which is a good thing, and is a compliment from me :slight_smile: ).

Your post is also a testament to how amazingly self-reflective you already are and I have a huge amount of respect for you on that front. I used to moderate on a small minecraft server (not the same of course) and most of us as mods and admins assume that we’re always right. So the fact that you’re not just willing to accept mistakes but also own it publicly shows how lucky HWS is to have a guy such as yourself! :slight_smile:

More servers could do with a ‘Rexxus’ :slight_smile:

Just be careful and remember what they say: The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions! We should be careful letting banned players return, especially when they have been found wanting and caught betraying the shared community values of HWS.

Nonetheless, I respect your decision Rexxus, despite my fear that through this you’re creating more work for yourself.

Best regards and I’ll keep doing whatever I can to help in my humble HWS helper role. :slight_smile:


Well i can’t speak for anyone else but every time i’ve chatted with you you have been friendly and knowledgeable about the things i asked you have always replied to my questions and for that im grateful as a server owner/admin/creator I understand the stress of things and with empyrion things are constantly changing which makes it hard on you/us to keep up with plus the many complaints/suggestion/things happening in general it gets overwhelming. I for one am glad HWS is here is it’s the place where i go to relax and play empyrion. Thank you for all your hard work and effort and please go back to streaming when you can i was enjoying all the secrets you were showing /wink.


I’d also like to take the opportunity to mention publicly how much I appreciate you personally as the owner of the server. You are chill and hard working, but even in the middle of all stress & work you always have time for a friendly discussion about the game or life overall, vacation or the lack of it.

I’ve told it to you often - Need to take a break & do something fun, we as players understand a spa day every once in a while :wink: Don’t break yourself


Hello Rexxxus
I have come to know you as a very friendly and intelligent person - and I think you have a healthy sense of justice. Everybody makes mistakes and I think it’s nice that you give a second chance after considering the circumstances.

Thank you for your great work!


Just to add to what a couple others have said. As a mostly passive observer on these forums I have watched how a small minority of people often abuse you and just generally behave like entitled children and you have remained far calmer with them I likely would have been able to in your situation.

You’re doing a truly fantastic job of running HWS! Don’t let a minute group of childish haters convince you otherwise.

I do hope you can find some way to balance your personal life with the stresses that HWS place on you though :slight_smile:


I second Wise’s post. Good on the one hand, but believe you will be snookered by some who will only come back to ruin others game in any manner they can.

And, further waste your time dealing with it.

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Please keep in mind, you are the only thing standing between community players and those who will ruin the communities’ game.

Please give this consideration high priority in your decisions to ban or unban.


Also, those who come from the bigger factions even if reset to zero (OCD, AM etc) will have no problems getting everything given back to them.

Impressively reflective post though. Credit where its due. Not many men can speak on such sensitive personal matters.


You know i love you…
The 2ond chanse is the reason i am still here, and still meeting new players every week.

The community in hws is the best out there (for me) and prob many others.

You made the game and the server not only a game, but a lifestyle. You are the best :wink:

Keep up the good work, and I’ll vote for you as president :grin:

Cheers x


Whether or not I would personally have made the same decision doesn’t matter. @RexXxuS you are the longest member of HWS, you have put more time into it than anyone else, you are doing everything you can to balance many opinions which must be hard, and you are the owner. If you made the decision and you think its right I’m 100% behind it because I’m behind you. Keep up the good work, thanks for the amazing experience and community.


Hey Rex,

I’m sure most of us can appreciate your honesty here but I don’t think you should feel the need to apologize, you have more then enough reasons to be stressed and honestly I’m impressed that you kept HWS going for this long. The hater situation is self explanatory, if they are rude or abuse HWS, then ban them, or punish them, whatever is needed in order to keep HWS pure from those people. Giving them a chance just shows how much of a good person you really are, but again you have no reason to do so. My personal opinion has always been good, and I am here to support HWS and you. If you have a bad day no worries, take a day if you need it, even call in sick if you have to.


I believe in second chances so i support you in this regard. :slight_smile:


Thank you rexxxus

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Hey Rex,

You do a lot of work yourself, most people in your place would probably get burned out and stop a long time ago, but thanks to you a lot of people are having fun so, thank you for your work :slight_smile:

It’s super hard to be considered fair admin by everyone since HWS has people from all over the world, coming from different cultures and with different attitude to various things.

I think giving them another chance is ok since they were banned for quite some time and maybe understood what they lost by not being able to play on HWS :slight_smile:


People already said it all;) I will just drink a beer (and a sparkly water:D) on you man!
Cheers and keep up the good work, ur da guvnor!!


I would just like to say I have only been here a short time, but it is long enough to love the set up and assistance here. Personally I don’t mind waiting days or weeks for a reply to my posts and I just want to say thank you for every thing you’ve done and all the work that is put in by the team of people keeping the gears running.


Man. Even though I rarely play any more. This is exactly why I have stuck with, and still support you guys. You have created a beautiful thing!
To kind of mimic and add to previous posts. Second chances are totally in your ball park. I’m sure such a decision was not made without carefully consideration. To add, they likely give you insight on what caused the ban, and how to prevent it. So there is that.
Either way. We all should be appreciative of the second breath you have given Empyrion and the hard work you put into creating the ultimate universe every season.
Maybe we should all learn a little German also. :grin:


You have a beautiful brain my friend :smile:


RexXxus relax a bit and decentralize your power in some reliable people as administrators. A single person can not carry the full burden of a project as large as the HWS community. You must delegate responsibility in other people and not assume all the work by yourself. It’s more I throw you a crazy idea that has crossed my mind. How about opening a third server? Maybe a Latino LA HWS. In order to be able to distribute more to the players who are saturating the two current servers. :wink: A hug and let everything flow.

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