The things WE liked about 5.x (challenge)

Lets try something different…

5.x has had its fair share of shitposting - and in all fairness, it’s deserved some of it … ok maybe much of it…
but lets try something different and polish up that old high five technique and maybe provide a bit of feedback to RexXuS, Jascha and Achilles, or maybe even the devs, about what we Liked about this major release, and more specifically to this community, about this Saison 5 (thats for you Rex) of HWS!

Can I challenge you to Share a couple points, if you can, and let us all know what you LIKED this season. long, short, whatever.

note: please, try hard not to troll and fling poo :monkey: you may disagree, but please redirect negative comments to one of te many appropriate other posts; you know, “if you have nothing nice to say…” - thank you!

EDIT: if there’s enough responses (say 10 or more), I may reward the best 1 or 2 response to this with up to 200k credits, i’ll judge, but likes and stuff will help. … :wink: :moneybag:

I’ll go first! :popcorn:

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##What I liked about HWS 5.x :smile:

  1. The Community - The winners, the losers, the carebears and the hardcore PVP. HWS has managed to cultivate an awesome and diverse community that in most cases has much more positive coming out of it than drama (Although, yes, we do have our share over here on NA ;))
    We help newbies, sometimes in a tough love way, but we’re always happy to grow. There’s a lot of trash talk, but in the end, that guy who blew up your face is just as likely to toss you a warp drive and some pent to book it home. It’s always dynamic, big enough to be diverse, small enough to be a tight community, and that is just awesome.

  2. Armageddon - Please - post the hate over on those arma shitposts! :smiley: lol i loved armageddon, it wasnt home, but it was my breakfast and it was a fun part of my day to cruise the wreckage of the night before. I think it was a great experiment and probably provided some good insight that removed some frustration from 6.0 - So good job seizing the moment. For me, it meant more opportunity to get out and run through the galaxy for stuff i wanted (gold) everyday, rather than waiting the wekeend out for a safe trip to Lucy.

  3. Lucifer (aka Lucy, Luce) - This was for me an intense experience my first trip out with ARC. I died. Lost my recently earned epic (when they were actually rare) several times. Lava was hard. It ate things. Backpacks. But the rewards were great. Hitting those gold meteorites when i was fresh out of starter never seeing gold was a really cool experience amidst the extreme hostility of the planet and its inhabitants (Lucy v 1.0).

  4. Elemental Market - Home. For so long. Me and my CV, and my taxes, funded by my lucifer runs - a purpose. And then @Blackvortex and Auxilio came, and gave me rent and taxes, and my purpose grew. I had bills. YAY! But seriously i think the EM worked great as a hub, evidenced by the plethora or ships parked there after starter lockout. I think the MARKET needs a little work, but has promise, and actually worked well for me in many cases. I’m walking into 6.0 with some moolah.

  5. Dynamic Environment - Some may see this as game breaking, but i hella-appreciate the fact that this universe changes. To our demands and cries and wishes, the universe molds and changes. This pisses a LOT of people off… But it also pleases a LOT of people also. I think its just one of those things we come to (or need to) expect out of HWS and for me it means that it stays fresh and fun. Swimming with the current is so much more enjoyable than fighting it, and rolling with the changes involves a new degree of challnge. Yeah, i hated some of them, but that’s the nature of the game!

  6. Custom Buildings/POIs - Auxilii, Scrapyard, Winkles GasStation: Its been a pleasure to participate myself in this, not only as a consumer but also an operator of such an establishment - and i have to say that its really been a great immersive point for me to have these vehicles to support the role play in the game. These give places to visit, pivot points for people, interaction points… Active, player run POI’s that add to the dynamic nature of the game – and that = more different interactions (not just killing/dying) and more fun.

  7. EDIT - Almost forgot: HWS Universe!! - For real. You love it, you hate it, but its honestly one of the best designed universes and “game meta’s” i’ve been a part of in my own 1758 hours in game. The care in distance, order, direction, one-way warps, zones designed to draw players and reward others. Its not perfect, but theyre dialing it in, and they listen. and thats cool AF. Super cool universe and i enjoy still exploring it and getting shot in the face by people randomly. :smiley:

I’ll cut it there. As we close 5.x out, i wanted to say thanks to all of you in this community, the admins and especially the many supporters of the server who help keep it running for us all to enjoy! Here’s to 6.0, the Season/Saison - whatever it may bring. Whether Eleon fixed a ton of what we’ve all begged for, or not, i’m looking forward to the new universe on HWS!

Thanks for the fun quarter fam!

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Things that where great in 5.0

1: Not having to worry about CV’s assault your base on Armageddon was great.
2: Fights over gold in black hole was nice.
3: Having a cntl +100 for construction rocked :smiley:
4: Having to travel to a market place was awesome.
5: Faction origins are amazing, found some really cool people to fight along side with on each faction origin i visited (A few :stuck_out_tongue: )
6:The custom sv with 9 drills is great, time doesn’t feel like its being wasted in that thing.
7:The new industructable POI’s, A lot more challenging and fun.
8: (One that not many people realized :stuck_out_tongue: ) Those awesome poi’s on Gold Planets (homeworld) That where indestructible that had 2 constructors in, great for if you didn’t want to set up a base and just wanted to spawn in a mining hv and get some gold turn them to coins eb:cointocr, deconstruct and log off, having nothing to loose while offline :]
9: Gun limits where nice, made smaller ships more viable. (Just wish we could specialize in 1 type instead of having to have all.)
10: Finding out you could use the filler tool straight up into the sky and build a base 300m above ground (Skyfortress woot :D)
11: The removal of ocd on pve. (more people having to worry about traveling with loot on them :stuck_out_tongue: )
12: Ship Class Limit for improved performance (Although i cant use any of my cool ships T_T class 8) but worth the sacrifice for performance.
13: New donator planet options so that we can own a pvp planet thats balanced (well almost apparently pve and pvp have same amount of nodes… for people that don’t want swp building on their donator planet and kicking them off. T_T)
14: Some variety in factions was nice with the epic weapon differences, so that they didn’t all feel the same, faction origins actually contributed the most to this as people that didn’t want to have no base didn’t go pirate(pluto) and so on.
15: Having to worry about protecting autominers on origin planets was one of the most difficult and rewarding things in 5.0 for me personally as NOD where 24 7 assaulting us and we had to keep coming up with better designs to stall them while we where at work.

The admins team and community make this server amazing to play on, just thought I have to put this in even though its not 5.0 specific.


I liked many things about HWS but I’m not sure which are 5.0 specific as that is when I started.

  1. I like the concept of Armageddon but not some of the details. (There needs to be a PvP route to it though for Freelancers :wink: )
  2. I love the Black Hole and Home Worlds
  3. I love the fact that gold has value and there is an economy. All the other servers are stale and pointless without Rex’s API.
  4. I really like the new changes on the starter worlds.
  5. I like that Freelancers matter but I still feel Rex hates on us a little too much still. :grin:

Mostly I love the dynamic community and the fact that we all contribute to a world that has almost zero content of it’s own. Keep on keeping on and rocking out with your bad selves everyone!

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Ok @Kogami and I win. Give us stuff @hopskotch !

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I know you can count better n that! We’re still a clear 7 responses short of the 10 i said we’d need for this to garner some kind of reward… LOL But i’ll tell you what – So far.,… you’re totally winning!

@Obsey we better make a few alts to put not so great comments up :smiley:

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What I liked - again some may not be 5.0 specific.

In no particular order:

  1. Nerfing of CVs on planet and relative boost to HVs
  2. HV Drilling - T2 is so slow.
  3. Homeworld and Black hole - although the latter is too laggy most of the time.
  4. The Map
  5. Shift/CTRL click (the 100 stack one) :slight_smile:
  6. Improved stack sizes for pentaxid
  7. Hydrogen generators!
  8. Elemental marketplace - feels more real travelling somewhere to trade.
  9. HWS Community - both members and admin.
  10. Pandora! - The place is beautiful - and I have my own island :slight_smile:
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Best thing about 5.0 was the massive fight over Darkworld in the homeworld system. 30-40 people all fighting over a planet is something I never came across before and haven’t seen since.


You missed the Desert world fights and Ice world fights! @Xanif


Epic full days adventures!

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Ya they were fairly epic, but not quite on the scale of darkworld invasion 1. On purpose. After we saw what happened to a playfield when we come that heavily loaded, we came lighter afterwards lol