Thinking out loud

Recently, we have often criticized that we do lagokapitaly. I would be happy to play without lag. True. The last 2 or 3 weeks I flew on CV with 53 devices on board, trying to minimize the lag for those who are attacking me. Now play a strong bias towards SV. I do not understand why the SV can so easily disassemble CV. Not on this planet or in space Capital is not a competitor, although it should be the other way around. My dream is that the game will come to the capital that the fighting against capital - is the most interesting thing that there is.
After all, this game is full loot. That is the whole meaning of it! Why would I spend three hours of my life on fire with little SV, which can be configured for a stack of half an hour? The sense of loss - the most important aspect of the game!
I’ve been built and tested on the test server model their own ships. And I tried. Then I was producing a lot of resources, and to build a ship takes a lot of strength even finished drawings. And I got his, my capital is able to spread the pack SV., and survive. And I’m not afraid to lose in PvP results of my work - the sense of loss is important to me. I want to know that the enemy will shake and does not go further, and will put their work in the restoration of the destroyed, as well as I do.

That is why we attack foreign bases, build and protect the base on the GF, and still do a lot of what we do. We want to see that the enemy is making efforts to deal with us. Because we believe that this game is not about fun shoot - this game of nerves and tension forces, where you need to put everything at stake and you can lose everything. This is the fan. And fans of the pew pew can always go to a counter strike, it is valued above all the reaction.

And I would like to take part in large-scale battles to the last bullet, because it gives only a drop of adrenaline and my interest in the game. I understand that now it is impossible because of the lags. But we hope will come to it.

As we do not have hatred or other negative feelings toward our adversaries. On the contrary, we receive from them a lot of fun. Thanks to all who fought and will fight with us further in this wonderful game. And we’ll kick ass! Unless of course you have enough forces on it :sunglasses:

Ps I’m sorry if the text seemed difficult to read, it is difficult to express complex thoughts in English and i have to help the translator himself.

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Your English is good enough for me and I like your thoughts.

Also we should think of ways to eliminate the use of SV’s to drain the ammo of CV’s and BA’s. Maybe there should be a stronger penalty for suicide. Death means nothing.

Weel tha lag mashines you create makes pvp boring. there is no defence Vs lag.

Look when we attacked GF with alot of CV´s… You didnt win that fight. We didnt win it… The only thing that happend was that the server crashed badly and after 5 min waiting everytime you die the game gets booring.

I still want to know how you took down my base in the dessert without any CV… Ofc i know all bases can be lost but doing it without a cv in 51 min is well done…