Thranirum Shipyards

Here i will share my new projects im building on

First one out is the Thranirum Corvette class ship which has only the front of the ship done but i am well on my way!
some more whisky and late nights and it will be done in notime!
Please give feedback on what you think!

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good work mate :smiley: keep getting drunk, we want the final product :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice man :wink:

Looking very slick.

Though I personally prefer fast and smaller CV’s. They can have the same amount of guns and still have 3-6 layers of combat armor. This thing is gonna be soooo expensive.

Its not gonna be used often in pvp, its more of an deep space exploration type of design with defense options.
and regarding the expensive cost is that this corvette is designed only for the most richest research and mining corporations.
“Thranirum Building Better Worlds”

Yo Thranir my friend, you heard already that we need to add the rule back “5k Block limit on all Playfields”?.. really needed for stability…

stop troll infesting my thread! :slight_smile:

Updated Backend Engines

The ship is now up on workshop please rate it and comment please! :smiley:

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My ship owns your ship:

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Very cool :slight_smile: Keep up the good work