Titan;s OPG trap

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What happened: Went to Titan not knowing I cant warp back. Went to stargate got killed by OPG. I would like to avoid starting in escape pod again. I cant spawn at base. perhaps admin could move me?
**Player(s) with issue:carl.sagan
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 15th august 23:29
Playfield: Titan?
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: perhaps admin could move me?

Hello @carl.sagan

that is currently part of the risk of Supergates. Titan in general is a dead zone if you don’t prepare for it.

Anyways, I can’t warp players because this is not a bug etc.
You can choose fresh start or should have previously set a base / CV as home (Clone Chamber device) or you could use our commands “cb:sethome:id” + “cb:gohome:id”.
Last but not least you have even the option to set your Origin planet as new Start planet, so you don’t have to start on Freelancer Cryo again.

Warping players is admin abuse in its nature and can be solved with ingame methods.

In the future I might integrate a warp feature for a given cost. Not sure about the cost yet.

Hi Rexxxus,

  1. I have setup cb:sethome and have clone chamber in base on sanctuary. When I die near gate on Titan the option to spawn at base is greyed out.

  2. Does Fresh start reset my character in any way?

  3. How was I supposed to know I cant warp back from Titan?

Oh, then it’s easy and you only need to type cb:gohome once you died (it’s only then possible). Since you have an empty inventory anyways, this should work. Open the console and type “destroyme”.

  1. Fresh Start does not reset anything. It’s just a warp back to the starterplanets or if you used our HWS Origin Transport feature to your Origin planet.

  2. Hmm… good question… of course it’s insane to read all my stuff I wrote, especially for new players

And the playfield description you can read in the bottom right

You can warp out from here only with the Supergate.

Is only visible once you discovered / entered the playfield… hmm… will think about that. My plan was originally to implement the lore about Titan at least into the Guide


But I will integrate more info to adjacent orbits of Titan in the next season. Thx for the headsup.

Let me know if you need more help.

cb:gohome worked! That was easy :slight_smile:

Thanks for assistance and for the awesome work on the server, I am enjoying it a lot!


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