Tko123 penthouse east set faction

my penthouse east on na server got set to faction not sure how player tko123

Don’t know why either.
Can you tell me the ID of the Penthouse you had before? Or at least the coordinates?
Did you have items in the cargo there?

structure id 106327 located 1047 31 -490 also faction setting only gives me pka thats all what may of did it i spawn a hv starter block to see if i can change my faction setting from private to faction on my own since i just join the faction thats way i can leave the planet as private and switch to faction in space planet penthouse east

Well if the house was before set to private what it was then you switched it to PKA faction and forgot the detail that only faction admins or owners can switch it back to private. That is the only logical result so far.

But as mentioned everywhere: do NOT set stuff to faction on the Penthouse planets, otherwise it will be set to HWS.
ONLY private stuff is allowed there.

I have set it to you, private again.

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