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I been away outside Jagal and farming for the last weeks and yeasterday my small base and sv got wiped from Trader Planet! I know there is a rule that make this happens, but…

  1. Can u fix it back since it is my only base and and i been online even if i didnt went back to base for some weeks.
  2. U MUST CHANGE THE F.U…ing rule!!! Change it so if u are offline/or dont visit it, like for say 2 months then u can wipe it, but if u are online and dont visit it then w8 3 month. The time now is way to short!!! U must change it!!! Even more now when it takes more pendax and more time to move across the universe.

I think the game got alot worse since the update.
For us players who don´t have the need to play pvp all the time or at all we want to feel safe on a pve planet without all the tax.

My Base And Sv

My little fighter sv 1269060 SV Trader Planet 853 31 -292 57 195 true
Starter Rebuild Base 4683004 BA Trader Planet 842 28 -290 224 777 true

If nobody visited in 2 weeks it’s clearly not that important.

Also you sound like a nice person.

If I were you, that’s not how I’d go about asking for help.



here are couple of things important to say:

  1. we can’t restore bases since it can cause corruption - especially on such frequent planets
  2. before you join the server you can see in the bottom right corner “WipeTime: 360 hours (15 days)”. So that is nothing new or a rule at all
  3. we have over 3000 players on HWS 4.0 since the full wipe. ~30 new players per day. You don’t give a fuck but if we would keep structures 2 months then the server would be already dead or you can pay me ~2k euro per month to buy a server farm to keep your structures alive
  4. Sorry, I can’t restore stuff which is removed more than 3 days ago. But it is the same: pay me some hundred more euros to keep the backup folders (each is ~8GB big)

Hope I could help you.



Can´t u atleast expand to 25 dayes? With the gear u have now?

Please no. We are already hitting the limits left and right. 15 is enough and if nobody visited them within 15 days then they are indeed not THAT important. And if you go on a holiday, grind them down or ask a faction member or friend to visit them.


New generation of brats THE WORLD OWES YOU NOTHING


At this point just learn from the mistake and ask people on the server your on if they can help if you lost materials needed to keep yourself going.


Oh no please dont… Timmers are good I think 15 days its also a lot.
I also think that can be reduced to 10 or 7.

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We lost a big CV and a smaller SV to the exact same rule.
They we’re sitting for sale in Elemental Marketplace and we missed the 15 day window to visit them = poof.

The rules are working as intended i.m.o. We had 15 days to warp 6 jumps there and back and that’s what we should have done. We forgot and we lost some ships, it happens.
We’re practically swimming in pentax; it’s easy to find on moons and the auto miner brings more than whats needed. Pentax is not a problem.

I’m sure 15 days is chosen for a good reason. The amount of unused structures/ships spawned and left in the universe slows down the performance and needs to be removed, end of story.

About taxes: We are 3 traders (one of which is rarely online) with 300 RP between us. We get along with one fairly large base with 500+ devices and we pay 1000 cr/day each. As a trader you get 777 gold/week (per person) which gives 38k cr … so even if we paid 5000 cr/day in tax we would still go plus, and thats just from what we get from HWS.

So cut down your base until you can afford the tax, or live in space until you can afford to build one.

Had a base then…poof (15 days) :slight_smile:

Yeah u right…the mail sounded now when i read it way to agressive, i wasn´t even angry when i wrote it…lol

Just think its to easy to take down someones base and ship and that makes it a bit boring to build new stuff.

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