Totally Frustrating but hilarious

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**What happened:So - I am entering GG - In the hopes of engaging in some PvP - Upon entering Orbit I randomly DC - This leads to my SV being suspended above a player base and me falling to my death upon reconnect - After this I get insta-killed then DC again :confused: … I took a short break while resetting the router to see if that helps - Sometimes it does, but I seem to DC from the server about 8 times a night - I come back and try and get my ship to me, It doesnt work and then I called for an Admin - Dee - Came to my rescue, But he couldn’t resist throwing me to my death and then leaving me to die a thousand more times first hahahaha - When I finally got my ship back, It was completely peppered by the enemy base it had been suspended from and I had lost ammo although I had not actually engaged in any PvP or fighting (Other than trying to stay alive and a brief losing battle with the gods) - I seem to have lost around half my missiles and a few slots of 15mm - And also the stuff I lost from the original death caused from the DC
**Player(s) with issue: <F.E.A.R> Ragnar
**Server: EU
**Time (cb:time): The last hour from typing this
**Playfield: Golden Globe / Blackhole
**Structure Name(s): Death-Awaits
**Structure ID(s):12395433
**How can we help you now:Well - I would like my stuff back from the DC - I dont think you could give me a new shiny ship - Perhaps you can - Feel free to delete the current one :slight_smile: and perhaps an apology for warping me to my death hahahahaha - Oh and some compensation, because those Space pixies are darn frustrating at the best of times :slight_smile:

Will upload a video shortly :slight_smile:

lol! I love this community and I love the fact that most of us have a sense of humour, including me :smiley:

To prove this, i have restored your coupla tins of veg and strips of asprin and I wont do you for ammo draining … bahaha

I make no apology for dropping what I was doing and racing to save your bacon (or tins of veg) and I further remind you that Golden Globe is a wonderful PVP hotspot in a game full of Alpha shenanigans, you venture in at your own risk … :wink:

Assuring you of our best attention most of the time, if we’re not too busy …

your friendly neighbourhood admin.

@DeeExpus - I need no apology for you coming to my rescue - Perhaps next time I will win the throw about XD - Here is the video as promised - If you get time you will see how I went from pure frustration to Chuckling to myself…

The next time we meet - I may throw you out of your ship (Jump to 24minutes )
:slight_smile: - You still owe me a cookie hahaha

As a side note - My language can be bad so please only watch if your not easily offended and old enough to know better :slight_smile:


For future reference it’s CB:getshiphere:12395433 without the id, id is replaced with the number :stuck_out_tongue:

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