Totally stuck

Was travelling on a base ship with a friend, when it bugged out.
wouldnt let me do anything, so i left ship, went back to new hope, and got dragged as they warped.
Ended up stuck on earth with no way back, no cv, and all equipment i carried gone.
was playing around11pm till 1.30am gmt if thats any help.
could do with being back at faction base on new hope if possible please :slight_smile:

I warped you back to the Vessel, that I think you mean, but its on Nova. Hope that is right.
Its the CV that you seemed to be warping with when you bugged.

Please allways give exact information, so its easier to know what to do.
Thanks for giving us the time!

ooh ok thanks, happy with where i woke up, ill try write it out better next time lol :slight_smile: